My name is Robert Lightcap. I live with my wifw at 2123 Glenview St., Phila. Pa. We purchased a Kenmore microwave oven at K-Mart in June of 2012 for which we have a receipt. On April 1, 2014, we started to have some trouble with it. When I put something in it to cook or reheat, the timer would start, but the turntable would not go around. I tapped on the door and then it would start to turn. This happened a few times during the next few days. On Sunday, April 6th, while cooking bacon for breakfast, the motor stopped about half way through. but the timer kept going. I tapped on the door but nothing happened. I closed the door a little harder and turned the turntable by hand, but nothing worked. I spent all day Monday trying to get some help on the phone, but to no avail. I finally talked to a supervisor, who told me that no one outside of Corporate Headquarters had the authority to to have it replaced or repaired @ no cost to us. She gave me the e-mail address to Corporate Headquarters, which I have been unable to bring up on any computer that I tried on. The e-mail address she gave me, which I later confirmed, is shc@customerservice.sears.com

It comes up on google, but there are 28,000 sites to chose from and the only one where I could lodge a complaint was this one.

We are Senior Citizens and on a fixed income from Social Security. I know that's not your problem, but we try to buy reliable products so We don't have these problems. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect a microwave oven to last more than 22 months without spending extra money on an extended warranty. In My opinion, if you are selling extended warranties on your products, then you must not think to much of your workmanship.

I am requesting to either have Our microwave replaced or repaired at no cost to us. On our income, we can't afford to buy a new microwave every 22 months. I can only tell you that if we have to purchase a new microwave on May 3rd, when we get our checks, you can rest assured it won't be a Kenmore.

I would certainly appreciate anything you can do for us. We need a break. Thank you

Robert Lightcap

2123 Glenview St.

Phila. Pa. 19149

e-mail rblsr.1@comcast.net

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