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I have been a customer of Sears Miracle-Ear since 1998. I have purchased four hearing aids at a cost of approximately $8500.

The first two I purchased lasted (one 9years &one 11 years) and the last two did not last very long.(one 3 years and one i year.) The one year hearing aid is being repaired under warranty. The three year hearing aid is out of warranty and they will not ever look at it unless I Pay $289 in advance. I feel thqt since both Hearing aids qyip working so soon there could be a factory defect, and should be evaluated. Mr Cliff Crouch of Miracle-Ear at Sears in Columbus, GA.

has been an excellant representative and has looked after my hearing aids on a regular basis. I know there is nothing else he can do for me, but I feel the company should.

James P. Garrett Manchester,GA.

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I came to the same location with the same problem. Both of my aids quit working within a couple of days of each other.

I went to the store where Mr. Crouch works it was an hour drive since they closed my local store. He was able to fix the hearing aids in about a week at no cost to me. I would recommend him highly.

Not sure it miracle ear or sears would back my product out of warranty ,but Mr. Crouch did.

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