I have to say I have never been so unhappy with a store. On 10-13-08 I went to Sears.com to purchase a new washing machine and a new stove. $1200.00 order. I went with sears online because it said next day delivery if the order was placed before 3:00 pm. I did so. I received a phone call right away from sears security to confirm my online order, I asked if it will come the next day since my washer was broke and I had a wash of wet clothes and a messy situation I needed it fast. She told me it is set up as next day delivery, and I would get a call 1 hour before they deliver. The next day came and nothing, I called sears.com they said the order was still in processing, and it showed the washer was out of stock, then she said hold on and checked and told me it was an error that both items would be available for the 15th, to wait and I would receive a call for delivery, now 2 days later not next day as stated online. Then I called back because I still never got a call back about delivery and my husband already lost a days pay waiting for the appliances, they said it was still in processing and any time now I would get a call. So we wanted to cancel the order. The woman offered a 10% off the order, and when asked if we would get a confirmation of that she said yes in 12 to 24 hours. Guess what, never got that comfirmation, big shock there!!!it took me over 24 hours to even get an email of my original order. So the 15th came and still no call for delivery, my husband was up set he called our local P C Richard, they had the same washer and better stove, said we can have it next day. I am looking at both appliances from P C Richard right now and I love them. Went placed the order, by the time I got home they already called to confirm delivery. Woke up today by the phone ringing, and it was P C Richard giving me my 4 hour window, they came at 9:00 am, and I was doing my wash by 10:00 am, imagine that! I called sears.com back and told them to cancle the order, the man informed me that it was still in processing and now claimed my credit card co. was holding it up. Now a completely different story. I told him if that was true then my credit card company would have called me to confirm it not let it go for days. So I told him to cancel the order, he did, and within 2 minutes I got my cancellation emails on the order. Wow, what a company, they won't process an order like they state, but boy they are sharp when it comes to cancelling. Good business, huh? this negative experience will affect all of sears not just online. It is switch and bait, tell people they can have it next day with a false sense, and then give them the run around. I'll even bet they were out of stock and they kept trying to cover it up and keep me waiting. Also, when the order was cancelled there was no 10% discount showing on the order for our trouble so I expect if the item was shipped that would have been another fight as well to get that. Terrible business on sears, false, and just a complete waste of time. I will be happy to push the P C Richard name to my friends and family. Sears will not get any more of our business and I will advise friends and family of the experience. In fact I will send out this letter to everyone I know, and all the complaint sites, as well as all the sears departments I find to inform them of this. Thanks for nothing Sears!!!! By the way I used the same credit card to make my purchase from P C Richard and what a miracle...........it went through right away!!!!!!

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