I loved Sears. We shopped there for our most important appliances and furniture because shopping at Sears has always been a good experience. Customer Service was great and I've never had a problem with them that they were not quick to solve.

I went online to find a desk with built in file cabinet, like an executive desk but not with the price. Found this great desk with separate file cabinet on castors. It was for 379.99. I was so pleased. I called the number to order and spoke to the CSR and confirmed we were looking at the same product. I made the purchase and eagerly awaited the delivery.

The desk finally arrives and we open up the box and start setting up before we realise there's no filing cabinet. So i call Sears thinking it must be an error on their part. Only it wasn't. Apparently the filing cabinet was sold separately. I told the guy no way. I checked and double checked and no where did it say file cabinet sold separately. He asked if I was told by the CSR when I called in the purchase and I told him it was never mentioned that it was. He checked the website and agreed that it didn't say that and proceeded to check another part of their system to see why the file cabinet wasn't sent. He finally came back and said he found the information indicating that it's sold separately but he had to search for it. He said he couldn't do anything and transferred me to the complaint dept.

I spoke to a woman and explained the problem and right away she said "Ma'am I'm not giving you a free filing cabinet". She said that I "assumed" that the file cabinet came with the desk. I argued that there was nothing to say it didn't. She didn't even apologise for the inconvenience or additional cost but said she wasn't giving me anything for the "misunderstanding". I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told the same thing before I even finished my complaint. I asked to be transferred to someone else. I got the head of the department who shut me down before I even got started on my complaint.

I was so angry. I couldn't believe this was the same reputable company I enjoyed shopping at. I told them I'd make a complaint to the BBB and she said to go ahead. I filed the complaint and got the standard, we have a disclaimer and Sears reserves the right to make changes on its website....yada...yada...yada. I was even offered 50.00 for the inconvenience. I declined.

Needless to say the matter couldn't be resolved by the BBB. I will NEVER shop at Sears again. Worst customer service ever!!

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