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When my refrigerator quit working, I was scared. I had, of course, just gone to the grocery and I wasn't sure I could afford another in time to save my food. I work a minimum wage job and two part-time minimum wage jobs in order to make ends meet. I am divorced with two small children and I am a part-time college student.

I went to Sears in Paducah, KY to see their selection. I explained to the sales associate I needed certain height and width specifications; 67 ¼ " maximum height. He showed me a model and claimed it was only 66 15/16" tall. He also showed me the spec card on the front of the refrigerator, which matched what he said. Fortunately, I was able to get together enough money to buy the refrigerator that day. However, they could not deliver it for two weeks, and they charged $65. I was willing to pay the extra because it would obviously not fit in my car, but I could not possibly wait two weeks. I could not afford to eat out every meal for the next two weeks, plus we have refrigerated medications. I borrowed a truck and came back to pick it up.

A young man and girl brought out the refrigerator on a dolly. As he was going over a curb, he let it come off the dolly and fall into the truck. The impact caused four quarter sized dents and a 12" black mark across the side of the refrigerator. I asked the girl what she intended to do about the damage. She never said a word and turned around and walked back into the store. We never saw her again. The young man continued trying to get the refrigerator to the truck, but he dropped it again allowing the door to hit the truck. It slightly bent the bottom of the refrigerator and put a small dent in the door. I went in to find a manager. At this point, I was in tears. I was told by a manager they would give me $50, take it or leave it. I felt forced to take it, plus, it was Halloween and my girls were waiting for me to get back to go trick or treating. The divorce has been hard on them and they depend on me to be there for them.

Once I got it home, my dad and I got it unloaded and into the house. When my girls got back, my youngest noticed it was the wrong refrigerator. She noticed the freezer opened out, instead of pulling out; it was a bottom freezer. That's when I noticed it was going to be too big to fit into the hole, under the cabinets. They had given me the wrong refrigerator. I measured it and it was over 68" tall.

I immediately called the store. The sales associate I spoke with remembered me needing certain specifications. He said it must have been labeled wrong. He also said no one was there that was authorized to make a decision regarding this matter, but the manager would be in at 8 am for a mandatory Sunday meeting, and that he would call me. The entire conversation took about 3 ½ hrs, on and off, while I should have been enjoying trick or treating with my girls. They were confused and I think I scared them because I cried most of the night.

Sears did not open until 1 pm on Sunday. By this time, I had already spoken with customer service, twice. During the conversations I was told Sears does not make pick ups, only deliveries. They would pick up the old one as long as we bought another one from them.

Once the store opened, my boyfriend went to see what he could do. I had a meeting out of town and could not go. They told him I could bring it back and they would apply the purchase price to another one. However, the only one available was $300 more. I can not get the truck again and I can not afford another $300. Since I cannot bring it back, I can't get my money back, which means I can't go buy anything else. They told him the manager was not there, but he had left instructions for everyone in case we came in. My boyfriend asked why the manager hadn't called like we were told, but no one knew. He was asked to call me again Monday.

I have cried all weekend and this has scared my children and they have cried all weekend. All I am asking is for Sears to bring me the refrigerator I thought I was buying. I feel they either tricked me into buying a refrigerator at lower price knowing that once I found out I couldn't use it, that I would not have any choice but to buy a more expensive model, like bait and switch, or they switched my refrigerator with another one and will not admit it. They only claim they misrepresented the refrigerator specifications. In the meantime, I'm sitting here crying, looking at a refrigerator I can't use, wondering what I'm going to do next, and still waiting for the manager to call me.

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Sorry to read about your misfortune at Sears. However, I have to it worth crying repeatedly over? Yeah, it's a tough situation but you have to fight through it and hopefully, you'll come out on top. But I do feel bad for you.

Sears has always played dirty and underhanded. (Hey, it's tough out there) Ever since I was a kid...I vividly remember getting the Xmas catalog and looking through everything. I would get so excited when I was looking at the video games. Sears deliberately superimposed pictures from actual arcade game screens and placed them in pictures for some video games. They did this for a few other mini-cabinet games as well. That was such and underhanded, dirty trick.

Sears has been doing dirty things like this for quite a long time


To "*** Responses," I've learned to expect comments like this from Sears. Actually, the local store and Customer Service have been really polite, just not helpful.

To "Associate," thanks, but they were not helpful either. We finally took a loan to remodel the entire kitchen, which we wanted to do next summer anyway. We bought a new dishwaser, microwave, and stove from Lowes.

They offered next day free delivery, which Sears did not. They also LOVED our Sears story.


Hey - *** Responses, it is obvious you are a Sears employee (probably in the Corp ofc) by the way you responded to this customer who pays your *$@#@@@# undeserved salary! I hope you continue to be so ***, and therefore drive Sears out of business sooner!


:( Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time. Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...


Try Craig's List for a good used refrigerator. Sometimes, you can find one for free.


I really must apologize about the situation that happened at the store with your refrigerator; I can understand how this is very stressful if I were in your position too. If I may suggest contacting Retail Customer Care at 1-(800)-549-4505 as soon as possible so we can assist you in an efficient manner that will meet your needs.

They are a department that you can talk to regarding filing complaints related to the store. Try to get some names of the agents that you dealt with at the time if you can so that they can get reprimanded, and tell the Retail Customer Care agents everything that occurred at that time. This will ensure that this type of behavior does not happen to you, or anyone else ever again.

Again I truly apologize about all that has happened to you recently, because that is definitely NOT how our associates should be treating our customers. We do appreciate your business, and I hope you can stay shopping with us.


Sears has been around for a very long time. They are good at what they do!

THINGS HAPPEN! Get a hold of the Appliance manger (section) Or the Store and or Operations manager. They will help you immediately. One of them has to be on duty all the time.

They can take care of whatever happened and get another refrigerator to you. I don’t believe the refrigerator fell flat on this truck. Sears employees will get the product out to the curb. You have to put it on your truck or trailer.

This is when most of this type of damage occurs, by the consumer. Usually we like to point fingers and put blame on others. I’m actually surprised that you didn’t blame your divorce on Sears. If you don’t take ownership of your life and act like a parent, your kids will end up like you.

Falling apart at everything that goes wrong, is not what I think you should show your kids. Handle your business in a controlled manner. IN THE BUSINESS WE LAUGH INSIDE WHEN SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING LIKE IM GOING TO GET MY LAWYER! OR IM CALLING CHANNEL #3 NEWS!

OR IM CALLING CORPORATE. Be straight with them they will be straight with you.


yeah they do i ws going to buy a new washer dryer set for my parents for christmas they quted me $1000 for the set i called a few days toput half down they said i would ahve to pay for it now and when i got back it might or minght not be there so i told them on the phone I was taking my business elswhere and hung up then i called a stroe and gave me a nice deal about $85 cheaper and he was very nice and respectable


Thanks for the advice.


Sounds like Sears gave you very sloppy execution.

First with the refrigerator not fitting it sounds like they forgot to account for the legs?

Then to drop it and only give you 50$ for obvious damage is ridiculous. Then for the person who dropped the refrigerator just to walk is bull and very unprofessional on Sears part. That's very poor training and employee selection.

I'd would complain to Sears corporate HQ and the local BBB. The staff at that store needs to be fired. The ignorance of the staff is unbelievable. You should get a much larger credit for your damage/troubles.

If you really want to make a stink I'd inform a local news station or write a local consumer newspaper columnist.