I live in Saskatchewan and own a condo in Edmonton, Alberta. The dishwasher in the condo in Edmonton was no longer working for my tenants.

To make things easier (I thought), I ordered a dishwasher from Sears and picked a delivery date on the calender provided. Then I "tried" contacting the service department for install. Oh my God, what a trial that was! On my initial call, I was transferred to four different departments, and then was led to believe that I was speaking to the right person (department).

I get a call last night to confirm delivery - but to Saskatoon not Edmonton!! So I had to go through the whole thing again and now it can't be delivered and installed until Sept. 7.

Meanwhile I get a email from the service department apologizing for all the mix ups, and claim them don't know why it would have been delivered to Saskatchewan..and gave me a 1-866 number to call to see if I could change the delivery date. I called the number and it is not Sears...it is some service that you have to pay for....I am very disappointed and will never order anything from Sears again.

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