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24th Julio\'12


I still have not heard anything from \'sears\'!! I have called the telephone number left by and Andrea Witt the 17th May since my last posting and mentioned such in my letter to the Board of Directors mailed last week. All I get @ 888 266 4043 is the same recording and no response yet by a human in several dozen calls to the stated telephone #. More possibly this individual is now redundant. Which ranks \'sears\' may join in a short number of years regarding the treatment of customers and low quality of merchandise?

I have not received any reply from the Better Business Bureau to no surprise ! Imagine they are funded to some extent by businesses? I am following the procedures as well as can be done never-the-less! I want satisfaction. All I ask is satisfaction for the money I spent for something badly needed in my state of physical disability. Not to be \' taken to the cleaners \' !!!

There is a surprise in store for \'sears\' up my sleeve. One they do not want to witness. They sold a junk machine to the wrong person for which \'sears\' will be very, sorry!

E. R. Washington-Mason

24th Julio \'12

Original review posted by user Jun 20, 2012

More sears 'Krappe' Again!! Addendum 20th Junio 2012

Absolutely '0' Has been done since my original complaint posting!! I mean nothing! I have attempted to return a telephone call to the only person supposedly from 'sears' whom left a message.[ strangely while I was attempting to mow grass with a push-mower] . This could be a result of the letter that I wrote to sears c.e.o. Louis J. D'Ambrosio. My fourth time writing him in three years pertaining to the two 'p.o.s.' Craftsman mowers. The second is stated as a professional model mower. PYT9000 ? I have called 888 266 4340 ill numerable times since the 24th of May. I called an hour ago and received the same greeting as I did 4 weeks ago tomorrow.

I have as you see 'thrown-in' here at Pissed Consumer as well contacted the Better Business Bureau OnLine and received a case number 94401757 from the Manager, Direct Retail Services in Chicago by mail last week.

As stated the warranty expires in September. When i called for necessary service last fall I was told that not under warranty the minimum service charge was $96 that I do not have to enrich sears for selling sub-standard over-priced products. Being disabled. Which is the main reason for buying a riding mower?

The sears store in my area closed last week as have others and will befall other locations; this is easy to ascertain. Wrong people at the top with large diameter parachutes draining the shareholders and employees. Complete asininity abloom!

Still a dissatisfied consumer, but I am not used to vile, inattentive, lousy, pathetic treatment.

I want another mower of more substantial quality and dependability. In the case of sears much, much more! A better warranty. Compensation for my disenfranchisement. To include the pain, sleepless nights, difficulty of walking and general movement.

Start off with this.

E. R. Washington-Mason " For Satisfaction Sake "

20th Junio '12 @ 2018'H

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