Today I was once again reminded as to why I hate Sears. I have a Sears Rear Engine Riding Mower Model 502.256220.

The drive belt went bad so I went to my local Sears store to get a replacement. As I suspected (because it is ALWAYS this way with anything you buy from Sears). The store does not carry the part. The salesman went online to identify the part number and to order it (something I could have done from home myself).

He located the part listed for $10.97, but then went on to tell me that the shipping for the part would be $8.00. The part would arrive at my house by UPS on July 28th (11 days from today). At that time I informed the salesman that was simply unacceptable. I'd have a hay field to mow in 11 days.

I will measure the part myself and get a generic belt from Advanced Auto. I truly have had it with SEARS. Your business practices suck and I will not be one bit surpirsed when Sears goes under. As for myself, I will do my part to make that happen by NEVER buying another thing from Sears.

The real joke of it all is this quote from the back of the mower service manual. "Your Sears merchandise has added value when you consider Sears has service units nationwide staffed with Sears trained technicians.

Sears technicians have the necessary PARTS (really???), tools and equipment to meet Sears pledge, "We Service What We Sell"." It should read "We Sell It, You Buy It, and You're Screwed".

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