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Purchased a LG washing machine 2 years go. From the moment I purchased the machine I experienced oil like marks on my garments.

It has progressively worsened and about 8 months ago I had two technicians come out to inspect the machine. They both acknowledged that the machine is causing the oil stains but they could not ascertain were it was coming from.

After numerous phone calls to sears, numerous visits to sears stores to speak to an area manager and complaints made to the customer service nothing has been done about this machine. I have spent an excessive amount of money purchasing clothes to replace the ones that have marked by this lemon of a machine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Join the 1,124 complaints on LG washers at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/lg_washing_machine.html

My machine was from Home Depot. My conversation with LG service was worthless.

I too have oil stain on my clothes from the washer and the noise level is awful. They know of the problems so why don't they try to

save their reputation?

The cost of the unwearable dress shirts has now exceeded the cost of a new machine which was over $900. LG's diagnostic service call is over $100 and parts run about $300 + labor (3hrs min.)

My repair man said the cost to fix it will be more than what a new (slightly more modest) machine would cost and it would probably be better.

I had a front load Neptune that only lasted 6 years when the motherboard burnt out (fire!) and this LG is not 4 years old yet. (what a waste....I think my old top loading GE from '76 is STILL running.)

Sears Response

Samantha1207, at Sears, we pride ourselves on making sure our valued customers are satisfied with our products and services and it appears we have not met that goal here. We understand your frustration and concern in this situation and would be more than happy to speak to you further. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Samantha1207), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. We look forward to speaking to you.

Thank you,

Dianne D.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

Seattle, Washington, United States #658785

Call LG Monday, you need model number, they will give you an idea, the repairman that just fixed mine said the drain pump often leaks oil then fails. For me, the pump failed instantly.

You could do a better job diagnosing and fixing your machine than sears if you can screw in a light bulb.

Sears put the back of the machine on upside down...it has an up arrow...and had a bare wire touching metal frame...could have electrocuted myself...call a local repair company its cheaper and safer. You've wasted more money your clothes and time than the *** Sears warranty

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