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I ordered a baby bassinet and other baby items from Kmart/Sears online, expected deliverly date was 9/6; the day I had my baby. The bassinet never arrived and I was i told by several supervisors that it was a vendor delay and also that the date for the bassinet to arrive 9/11.

I asked how can that be when the date expected date was clearly 9/6 and I ordered everything at same time. I was then told because some items came from Kmart and others came from Sears. I advise the supervisor that only one expected date showed up and it was stated that only one date would show up but in the back office it would be 2 dates. I wanted to know how come customers are not aware of this when we make our purchase and all I was told was that they are sorry for the incovience.

(So not Fair and Wrong) I then in turn spoke to several more supervisors along with speaking with someone in Executive Customer Care Service that stated there is nothing that they could do because it it a vendors issue. I was told my options were to cancel the order or just wait. I advise the supervisors as well as the customer care service that I can't just walk into the store a buy that particular item and is why I orderd it online waiting for the the item on 9/6; I also advise why should I have to pay or suffer for someone's mistake. I also told them that I was in the hospital and that I had just had my baby and all I wanted was what I paid for.

I was not asking for a discount or anything for free, just what I paid for. I even advise that since it was a vendor mistake why couldn't Kmart/Sears call the Vendor and have them overnight the bassinet to my home because I would be getting out of the hospital on Saturday morning. I was advise the Kmart/Sears has no control over the vendors and the only thing that they are is a go between the customer and the vendor. I could not believe what I was hearing after being on the phone with them for more than 2 hours.

All I wanted is what I paid for not something else that I would not like(the reason once again for ordering online).

The way I was treated yesterday in my opinion was so unfair and not correct. My purchase was suppose to be at my home on 9/6 and even if it was a delay I should have been notifed so that I could make other plans none of that happend and I got of the phone feeling as if I had done something wrong and that if I did not like what I was hearing then tuff.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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