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I purchased a new 15.8 cu ft upright whirlpool freezer which only lasted 2 yrs and totally quit..All of my meat was spoiled and when I finally got through to someone at sears , all I got was pressure to purchase a warranty for 50.00 a month and they would send a repaiman out for 89.00..I was outraged that a new freezer would go out and lose all that money, and my food, and then they wanted more money from me!!..I will NOT be buying from sears again, and what has gone wrong with the quality of appliances? This freezer was not cheap and the customer service is garbage..It should NOT of quit working and I should have got some customer service NEVER AGAIN..Sears I will not feel bad if you go out of buisness

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Freezer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $549.

Sears Cons: Want more money to help with junk products.

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You have no reason to complain. The warranty was apparently long past.

This is why it is always best to buy appliances with no bells and whistles and just a basic model so when they break and you cannot fix them yourself, you just replace with another no-frills one.

Sears or the manufacturer is under no obligation to fix the product or replace it beyond their warranty period. You need to use some common sense here.


Common sense? Really?

Oh just replace it with another one ?

So its my fault I bought it?..I am not the only person with these complaints..This WAS a basic model but freezers are not cheap, and when a consumer buys a appliance like this , we expect it to work more than 2 yrs..We bought a quarter of beef and lost it all.Plus the loss of the freezer was 1,200.00 all together...bottom line..the quality of whirlpool is going down..they are putting cheap faulty compressors into these. SEARS is making money on repairs and the extended warranty purchases..No more whirlpool