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I purchased my refrigerator from Sears in May, and it worked for about 3 months. The first thing I noticed was water leaking on to the top shelf in the refrigerator. Next the freezer stopped freezing my food completely, as I noticed that my fresh spinach was still soft and turning to a slime like texture, I knew there was a problem. If I turned the thermostat switch to colder everything turned to ice crystals.

The first repair person that came out said that the leaking had to do with a flaw in the design, a compartment located in the inside light area that catches the water that comes from the top freezer. He used silicone glue to fill in a gap so the water does not overflow into the refrigerator compartment. Interesting!

The next day the water was still leaking. They came back out again and noticed that yes, the water is still leaking and the freezer is not at the temperature that it should be. The repairman removes the back panel to the freezer to show there are two sets of coils back to back. The front set is frozen with ice crystals and the back set does not work at all. He also notices that the rubber seal around the freezer is not holding in the cool air. Then he looks at the refrigerator door and notices gaps in the door seal and gasket. He basically notes that the refrigerator is a POS, and it needs to be rebuilt.

The next guy comes out, takes everything in the freezer apart, places silicone gel around the seal, puts it all back together and calls it a day. He needs to order parts for the other repairs.

Three parts come, none of them looking to be enough to rebuild a refrigerator. As I am waiting for my scheduled appointment, I get a call close to the 5pm end time of the call that the repairman is stuck in traffic and will not make it. Nice that I took off work to be available for another Sears experience.

Next scheduled appointment, #4, the repairman comes and is surprised to see so few parts for repair. It takes him about 20 minutes to install the three items and then notices that the plug is a 3-prong and my outlets are all old 2-prong. He starts telling me how the electricity needs to flow in and out of that third prong, as if that is the reason that things aren’t working. Well guess who cut the third prong upon installation in order for the thing to be plugged in, unbeknownst to me. SEARS service men.

Needless to say, as of today, the freezer still leaks into the refrigerator and my food is still ½ frozen. I will continue to post this until Sears returns my money for the lemon that they sold me, as stated on the last comment section of the receipt left by the repairman.

And how surprising to see that as I am ready to post this I see their current stats Negative comments 3,428 Positive 168. No wonder they are going out of business

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My mom purchased a Kenmore Refregrator 60604 Model, this is a lemon..the first 9 months were fine then the fan in the freezer stopped... no cold air in the bottom and not freezing the top..

it was luckily under warranty, then 3 months later the same problem...$ 160 bill for repair...

now 6 months later the same thing... Sears and Kenmore should be ashamed ..the worst customer service and the fact that this is happening to my MOm who is totally unacceptable...