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Worst ever. Never again.

I purchased a large work table for my company. I thought a brand like Sears would stand behind the purchase. They shipped it through another vendor Tiger Supplies. The Table arrived very damaged.

I called the same day to have it replaced. 8 days later, after numerous 1 hour calls and countless emails - no response. Don't even think about purchasing online from these folks. You will be lost in a meaningless wasteland of overseas "customer service" drones with no power to do anything except read a script." Sears does not care about their customers and apparently, they don't care about the vendors that ship under their name.

When you spend hundreds of dollars on an items, you expect it to arrive without damage.

When you call customer service once, you expect to have the issue resolved. How difficult is it to ship out a new top?

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I expect Sears to stand behind their vendors. It should not make a difference if Sears shipped it or the vendor the endorse.

If they are going to put their brand name on the selling site and all customer communications, they should manage that transaction.

Instead, they are using their brand to dupe people into using vendors they would have otherwise not chosen. The insult added to injury is that when things go wrong, Sears tries to push off the blame and suddenly it's not their problem.


Sears online is a "market place" . Sears online allows other websites to use their domain.

This is to give the consumer more choice. If the item purchased on is from Sears and it sounds like the item you purchased was from another vendor using the site your return or complaints should be with that company.

If this item was ordered in the store the associate should have explained to you. A good idea( more to choose from in one site) gone bad (not being informed by the associate)


Sears is no longer a dependable company. I always go to a local store, even if it is a big box one, and physically look at the items and then buy from them if I like it.

Saves time, money, and I know what I am really supposed to get. With mail order, as you found out, youse takes yo chances.

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