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I purchased a refrigerator from Sears and had it delivered. Three days after delivery the unit broke down.

That's just the beginning of my whole nightmare experience with Sears. It took them ten days to send a repairman just for him to tell me I need to exchange my fridge. So I went back to the store to do just that. As I spent a good almost 2 hours at the store, I went thru three reps.

The first one seemed to be the manager or supervisor, cut me off in the middle of my story about how my fridge broke down only three days after delivery. She called for the same salesman who sold me the fridge to deal with me. This when I got really ticked off as if I wasn't ticked enough. This guy (Ryan from Seminole Sears outlet) was very rude.

Acted like he didn't wanna talk to me nor he had time to talk to me. (was the friendliest person when he was making the sale two weeks ago tho). Had his chest poked out the whole time like he was trying to intimidate a woman in front of her four children as if it was my fault he sold me a bad unit. Anyways, I did wind out picking out a new one but not with his help.

A "CASHIER" help me picked out a new one. She should have been the one to keep the commission as far as I'm concerned. Ryan owes her money.

So I came home thinking the nightmare is over with but boy I was wrong.

I was very wrong. The worst is about to come. So now come delivery once again. The first delivery people who delivered my fridge had no problem hooking it up mind you.

They were very professional and respectful. They made sure everything worked before they left and I didn't have any problem at all. It went very smooth they were in and out of my house. But these new yahoos were young and inexperience.

Broke my plumbing trying to figure out how to turn my water off (which they never did) in the first place. They were unable to unhook the bad fridge and was unable to do the exchange. I did showed one of them where the water turn off was but he was adamant about me being wrong. Perhaps because I'm a woman he assumed I don't know I was talking about.

They left my house without tightening the hose on the back of the fridge back to where it was. I noticed a pool of water in my kitchen floor right away. So I called the 1-800 number right away. Talked to a nice girl who had the delivery people turn around to take care of their mess.

They tightened the fridge water line but that still leaves me with me broken sink plumbing. Had to talk to another Sears customers service rep. Very nice old man, took care of my plumbing issue right away. He had a plumber come to my house the same day to fix the problem all paid for by them.

So now I wonder who gets stuck with that big fat plumber's bill? I'm really just glad It was not me....Still don't have a refrigerator though.

It's been almost 3 weeks. I'm tired of feeding my kids Mc Donald's and mac and cheese.

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