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I bought a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set for $1600 from sears. Now out if the warranty the washer was reading F35 I called the service number (clearing people from another country who I could not understand)and told them the code and told them make sure they have the parts.

I wanted over 2 weeks for the service call ... flow switch he said and sold me a rebuilt part and put the switch in (20 minutes) and I paid $360. He then left. I went to wash a load of clothes 3 hours later and F35 again.

I called the non speaking English service department again. Wait 10 days they said .... nope I said no way they found a spot 1 week later. The second day off work and second repair guy (a supervisor they told me ).

He came and told me it is my hose for $99 he will clean it. Ok I said. Now I am at $460. After 3.5 hours the washer was still reading F35.

I asked him please I have spent too much money on this washer and lost wages ... can I get a coupon to go towards a new washer. He said no. He watched utube videos on how to fix my washer and called supervisors and then someone said I don’t know order a flow switch and just have someone else come out - you need to get going.

So he said 1 week they will come out again. I called customer care ... please I just want a credit for everything but the $110 for the first call out - let me go buy another washer. Here I sit 5 weeks later ......

nothing ! I actually got an email about 4 days ago from sears telling me my washer was fixed and I will not be getting a refund !!! I have made a total of 9 phone calls ... 2 missed days of wages ...

5 weeks of laundry mats and never again!

We have 3 rental houses with sears appliances and this is the second terrible experience with them in a row.

Ps. Don’t buy the extended warranty - did that last time to a rental property and they came out and said the issue was not covered in the extended warranty for those who are wondering why I did not buy one for this washer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Here is the latest update … you will love this!I called (11th time) as they asked me to … they said my refund has been closed and resolved. They do not refund money even if the washer is not repaired.

They offered me a $30 gift card for the inconvenience! You are kidding me … $30. There was no supervisor to help me and that is all they can do. I am not accepting the gift card and I am waiting for the FTC to guide me on whether to send the Pressure switch I paid for to them.

They told me in an email that I need to return the part to get a refund on the part (that makes sense). So currently I am waiting for guidance from the FTC and also the local media to know where to go from here … but I am not giving up! We have spent $6000 in the last 3 years alone with Sears on appliances (2 rental houses) and I am kicking myself now ..

but I am cancelling all the extended warranties and using local service only from this day forward. Please keep note here: I am only asking for $ 247.50 the labor for the repair when he did not fix the washer on the first trip.


Dear R.White Tiger (in Happy Valley, OR):Thank you for posting your experience with your Kenmore Elite washer and dryer set. You have completed a great deal of research as well as great efforts to get the issue resolved properly, and are encountering the horrid problem that so many Sears customers are engaged in nationwide, and I wish to thank you for taking the time to post your experience.Since you made such an enormous investment, both in your finances, employment and your own personal time, Pissed Consumer.com and other verified/non verified users can offer assistance and avenues to get your issue conducted quickly.

Please pardon the length and the subjective opinion that I offer in kind. Two pieces of information found can hopefully help you concerning Kenmore Products is listed below:1. Try filing a claim with Kenmore Corporate - Toll free phone number: 847-286-2500 (please see) http://www.hissingkitty.com/complaints-department/kenmore/ (The name of this website has given me a great laugh, but it is accurate and up to date, and they have assisted many others who have been having like issues and problems with Kenmore Products :) ;the BBB (Better Business Bureau https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started ;and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/ I have filed a complaint with the FTC and sought guidance and assistance from Pissed Consumer.com to get the process started. After some foot work and research and posting what occurred, it paid off BIG TIME for a purchase made through Sears.com over a month ago.2.

Try using a contact cleaner designed for computers for the contact switch/pressure sensor/flow switch. This may also save you additional money going forward: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/54204/F35+error+code+appears+during+cycle3. Once the troubleshooting for the above reference has occurred, I recommend regularly using 1 cup of white distilled vinegar on the “clean” cycle (should your Kenmore Elite Washer have such a function) without clothing, and the tub full of warm (not hot) water, and run it in the warm water cycle to rinse. The vinegar will clean greasy residues, films and other contaminates (detergents, fabric softeners, etc) which build up significantly quick with use (The same applies to your coffee makers one the first pass, use clear clean water thereafter).

As an example, I currently possess a Off Brand Maytag washer that was purchased in April 1991, and 27 years later, it still runs like a champ. I had only two minor repairs made during this time; one to replace a worn drive belt, and the other, to replace the condenser switch in 1997 and in 1999.

No problems since then!You have invested far enough thus far, and it is a long shot should you want to engage it, but I wouldn't blame you if the mess you have already encountered is enough for you to leave it be. However, given your efforts and all that you have invested thus far, you have been a tremendous help thus far.Hang in there, and please let Pissed Consumer.com and us know how it all worked out for you.

to JJFreeman #1487933

Thank you for your time and suggestions. I have cleaned my washer every 2 months with a washer cleaner on the clean cycle ...

utube said vinegar so I did try that twice while I waited 2 weeks for service ... some people laughed and said that is why it is broken (they have never cleaned theirs) lol. Today a ups package arrived with parts for my washer that I told the service guy when he was here I did not want. I called 5 minutes after he left to make sure I am not getting charged for more parts.

I got an email from sears stating my request and to verify all parts and future service is cancelled ... now I have more parts :(. My last washer was a Maytag ... 28 years ...

1 service call. :).On Tuesday I will contact the FTC and get going in that direction ... I am not giving up ... it is about disrespecting the consumer.

Thank you again !!!

:). I will keep u posted

to Rhonda #1488088

Right On! Rhonda, THANK YOU for stepping up and taking action.

Your imput, work and research has and will continue to help so many of us who need and want answers!The steps you have taken will and have made a HUGE difference. A still get a lot of laughs about vinegar, but remarkably, using it helps to prevent problems that cost a great deal. (Long story...Pissed Consumer can tell you. PC has been so amazing to me as well.My off brand Maytag washer was built in Amana, Iowa in 1991, and even now, Whirlpool handles the manufacturing/etc for them.

However, Whirlpool has been so amazing in offering and helping me to get service and parts, SHOULD I EVER need them in the future (that is a big "Say What??" for me...(Big Cheshire Grin!) I'm older, haha but Whirlpool does respect every consumer who purchases their products. Whirlpool used to manufacture for Sears Kenmore appliances, and my mother still has a Kenmore washer and dryer set she purchased in 2002 that still runs amazingly and accurately well.Yes, vinegar and preventive care and maintenance has gotten she and I this far. I even waited up to six months to do a one gallon jug of white distilled vinegar in the washer, and the crap that came out of the wash/rinse was enough to decry "ewwwwww!" afterwards, xD. Whirlpool stands behind their products, even if a former company/entity manufactured it before they procured it.

That is real quality for a company who still values consumers and the finances we employ to make educated and forthright decisions from who to really buy from.Thanks again, and let us know how you fared. We are here to help!

to JJFreeman #1489664

Sears responded today - they do not refund service call charges even if the washer was not repaired on that service call.Nice company ... when I am done filing with the FTC and Kenmore Corporate I will let you know.

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