San Diego, California
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I used to buy appliances at Sears outlet with no problems before. This time I wanted to change old appliances to new SS ones in my new house and chose Sears because of good selection of designs and sizes to match existing cabinets.

Apparently I made a huge mistake. I bought Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, Double oven, cooktop and built in microwave. Refrigerator died 3 weeks after installation. Thank God it was 3 weeks and I was able to exchange it.

The double oven did not work upon installation, but it was too late to return it. This is where my ordeal started. It could not have happened at the worst time. Have you ever had a houseful of guests on Thanksgiving and a raw turkey in the oven?

That was me. Same on Christmas Eve. Technicians came 4 times, over next two months, could not repair it, but still, Sears refused to exchange it.

I omitted details, but you can imagine my frustrations over not being able to use a brand new $3000 oven during holiday season, when I have several technicians come/fix?/go

Save your sanity and buy your appliances somewhere else. Seriously

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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so if it did not work upon installation why didn't you have them come exchange it out then? sounds fishy to me that someone would get something installed and NOT test it right away to ensure it worked.