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I paid for 6 weight plates(10lbs plates) at sears and it was shipped to my house,I opened box and they sent me 5 plates, If I as an individual stole just one 10pound plate in their store they would send me to jail but what will I do to you from stealing from me? The proof is in their receipt so do the math receipt says I ordered 6 pieces of 10lbs weight plates,receipt also says that total weight of the package is 50lbs, 6 plates of 10lbs each should weigh at least 60pounds duh!!! Stop stealing from your customers,I will write my reviews about your crooked activities all over social media with proof you THIEVES!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Spread it all over and also contact the bbb I would not recommend purchasing anything from them. Rochester, NY


"stole just one 10pound"

Thanks for your review. I was worried about ordering weight plates considering the growing black market for 10LB weight plates.

I feel they should do something about the rampant theft of 10LB weight plates. It's getting out of hand. I suspect the weight plate cartel has something do with your theft.

Good luck with your reviews. Your story is compelling to say the least.

In case you didn't know, I was using my sarcastic font.

Just call and tell them you were short shipped like a real grown up.


You are very ***,keep your sacarsm to yourself,it's obvious you work for sears cause I see that you responded to my complain within seconds or let's just say you are jobless,it doesn't matter how many plates it is,stealing is steal FOOL,get a life ***!!!


You are an *** for being sarcastic,it doesn't matter how much the plate he ordered is worth,that is stealing and like Yusuf said you are jobless for responding to his complain so fast,get a life!!!!!!