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So I got an email from sears offering vacations for up to 99% off!Usually if I see anything like this I pay no attention, but since I was in need of a room I went ahead and put in a search.

I found a hotel and put in the promo code and to my suprise it cut 99%. Wow! So I booked and even called the hotel directly to confirm and sure enough everything was confirmed. Well today sears vacations calls me and says that there was a glitch in there system and it was supposed to be a 10% discount.

So they informed me that I could pay the remaining balance or they would cancel my room. It seems that the 99% off ad is only to bait people to the website, isn't that called false advertising!

I will never use this site again.

Book directly with the hotel.These third party companies are a scam.

Review about: Sears Website.


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Sears Response

We would like you to take a screenshot of this and email it to searsservice@searshc.com so we can have a member from our team look into this for you.

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Purchase heat pump and air handle r from Sears nothing but trouble from the start.They came out so many times to do repairs to and replace the unit .

Electric bill stay high 300--400 dollar s a month .

Found out they sold me a unit that was out date.When to replace a part on the air handler and it cost his much as a new air handler

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