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Update by user Aug 08, 2011

8/8/11: Sears finally washed there hands of my botched Central Air Installation. After the Social Media department turned me over to the legal dept.

(...possibly to scare me off of my Sears on line attack\'s)the legal dept. played me in hopes I would get disgusted and give up.

All this has done is to infuriate me to continue. I received a leeter from the legal dept that the system was finally working right and that they offered me a $100 Sears gift card for my trouble (which I refused)so the Sears brilliant legal dept has closed the file on my case.So much for Sears Customer Care (they don\'t) Never, Ever Use Sears for anything

Original review posted by user Jul 26, 2011

Had them install a Central Air Unit. They Used local contractor who botched the job. Didn't have AC for the whole Memorial Day weekend because Sears doesn't have emergency weekend telephone numbers.

Had him back 5 times only to find they plugged the unit into a receptacle in the basement that went off when the light was turned off.

Failed town electrical inspection on 3 counts, finally passed. One week later breaker in fuse box tripped and wouldn't reset. Electrician came back and didn't find the problem but changed the breaker and fuse for the unit.

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Similar thing happened to me with Sears and My brand new AC wasn't working Memorial Day Weekend. I posted on here (Do Not Use Sears for AC Installation).

At least you didn't have black smoke coming into your house. Sears Contractor used a low temperature silicone which caused it to burn when my heater came on. Smelled Wonderful and I'm sure it took a couple years off my life. He should have used a High temperature silicone.

Sears should have a emergency person on call for times like these.

I ended up calling a small business on a Saturday because Sears doesn't have an emergency service. The Small AC business came right out to help with the problem.

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Sounds to me like you have overloaded wiring in your home. That isn\'t Sears fault. You purchased an air conditioner from them not a wiring inspection.My experiences with Sears have always been positive, especially when there is a problem, they have always gone above and beyond what they have promised, which is more than you can say for a lot of companies out there.