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I ordered a Kenmore Elite online from and right after I ordered i noticed on that the store pictures had a entirely different refrigerator so I called the West Palm Beach, FL store and was told they couldn't find it but they would call me when they did.

The following day I still hadn't heard anything so I called them again and was told that someone would call me back within the hour. I did receive a call back this time after a few hours and was told that they tagged the wrong refrigerator and that the one I ordered was a Whirlpool.

It also was damaged and missing parts so i asked if they could give me a store credit towards something for a similar price and they said they would call me back if they could find anything. Of course I never got a call but I found something myself online and called to see if they could give me some money off of it for my inconvenience.

They gave me $100 off and I paid a $50 difference. I was happy with it and was told it would be shipped by Monday and that I would be contacted in a few days to set up a time to deliver.

I never was sent a receipt so I called on Monday and they said they would send it to me and gave me the tracking number. I never got the receipt but was happy to have the tracking number.

My fridge was delivered to my local Sears outlet (which is the Winter Park store and is 50 minutes away from me) store on August 25th.

I called for days trying to figure out why I hadn't received a delivery time. I finally got a hold of someone and they said it would be delivered on Saturday and i would receive a call the day before to set up a time.

Friday came around and no word... Saturday morning I decided I better call Sears customer service again and was told the order was canceled then I was transferred and put on hold for a long time only to be told to call the store I bought it from.

So i did and they told me to call the Winter Park store so I did only for it to ring. I had tried calling them all week and no one ever picks up the phone there.

I finally got a hold of a woman and she said she had to look for my fridge so I was put on hold. She came back after 30 minutes and said that my fridge was on the delivery truck and the delivery guys would call me when they were a few hours away from delivering. I questioned her on this and she assured me that I should wait by my phone because if I missed the call I would have to reschedule for another day.

So I waited all day and nothing again...

Not even a phone call!

I'm pretty sure that lady put me on hold and hoped I would hang up but when I didn't came back and told me it was on the truck so i would leave her alone.

BTW... I was hung up on a couple of times by the Winter Park store too. That store is really terribly ran.

So I called Sears was put on hold and even hung up on by their customer care specialists.

Finally I demanded to speak to a supervisor so I could file a complaint because of the way I was being treated and the fact that no one could find my refrigerator.

In the mean time I had also put in numerous calls to the store the West Palm Beach store and they said they didn't know what happened and could only get the same answers I was getting.

I finally get in touch with Sears solutions center and this lady same thing can't figure out where my regrigerator is I kept demanding for her to do something she even persisted to tell me that the Winter Park store was closed on Sundays and that was why they wouldn't answer their phone. Of course their hours are online and say clearly they are open til 7 pm est.

Finally she gets a hold of the West Palm Beach store where i initally placed the order and tells me that they need to take ownership and would be hadling my problem.

I was assured that everything would be handled by Russ at the West Palm Beach store and his manager by her and by him.

He promised to fix it and I believed him.

Monday rolls around and no phone call so i call and get a hold of the store manager Tiffany.

She said she had sent a email and was waiting to hear something. I demanded that she call and find out. She said she would and call me back.

She called a few hours later and told me that my fridge would be deliveered on Wednesday.

Wednesday comes and guess what?


No call no nothing!

I start calling on Wednesday cause I know this all too well by now.

I wait on hold for over 2 hours to find out my delivery is on hold.

No one knows why and the manager from the West Palm Beach store won't even return my calls.

I am pissed of course so I call Sears solutions and give them my reference number for my last complaint.

This lady called everywhere and said that delivery solutions was looking into it and would get back to me within 48 hrs with answers to what happened.

Well it's been 36 hrours now stil nothing...

I hate Sears at this point and am so close to canceling but I don't want to let them off that easy.

Please if you are reading this don't waste your time with Sears. They charged me over $200 for delivery too but luckily they did already give that back to me.

I am also told I will get 10% back when I get my refrigerator but I have to call them.

I am praying that when or if I ever do get my refrigerator that it comes in the brand new condition I ordered it in.

I am one PISSED off consumer!

Hope by me writing this it saves others the frustration and aggravation. Thanks for reading!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service.

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