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I will never step foot in a sears again. They have absolute terrible customer service and a worse home delivery service.

On Sunday, November 9th, I went to sears with my parents because they wanted to buy me a treadmill for my birthday. We found one that I liked and my mother paid for it. They did not have it in stock at our store so they set up a delivery for the following Monday (November 17th). My mother had gotten the texts messages on Sunday that the treadmill would be delivered to my house on Monday between 230 and 430 pm. I cleared my day and was at home at this time. Nobody showed up. Later, my father actually received a phone call that something was wrong with the truck and we would have to reschedule our delivery, which was fine – things happen. I Then called my local store to set up a new delivery time. Nobody answered in that department so I left a message telling them to give me a call back to set up a new time. I never received a phone call back.

The next day, Tuesday (November 18th), my father went to the store. The treadmill was not at the store, otherwise he would have taken it himself. He talked to someone in the sporting department and they told him someone would call him that night to set up a new delivery time for Wednesday. He received no call.

On Wednesday, the next day, my father still hadn’t heard anything from sears or the home delivery service. So he came to my house to check and see if the treadmill had came as I had to work all day. Still no treadmill. He waited around for a while to see if they would come with it – nope. So he went back to our sears store and complained. One of the kids working in the department assured him that it would come the next day (Thursday) and that he would personally deliver it if he had to.

So Thursday (November 20) comes, I wait around all day to have my treadmill delivered. It didn’t come. My father, mother, and I never even got a call from sears. So that night my mother and I go to our local sears with the receipt and ask for a refund and to cancel the delivery. The kid working scanned the receipt to give us the refund. Well that didn’t work so he consulted someone else and they said that it could not be refunded as it must be in transit or already delivered. At this time we were getting very very very frustrated as we NEVER received the treadmill and we plain sick of dealing with sears and just wanted our money back. We asked for the manager and the kid said the manager was not there and he was sorry, but there was not much he could do. So he gave us the number for home delivery. We left the store and called the delivery service. My mother explained the situation to the girl on the phone and told her we want a refund. She kept saying “I understand your frustration” and offered a $50 gift card twice and then a $70 one even though my mother kept saying that the gift cards would not satisfy her as we wanted a TREADMILL or our MONEY back. Finally, the girl agreed she would try to cancel our delivery (we still don’t believe this) and we would hear from someone in 24 hours.

On Friday (24 hours later), my mother had not heard anything of course and no treadmill came.

So this morning she called and got a complete run around again and was told someone would contact her within 24 hours. HA yeah right. We don’t believe anything sears says and will refuse to pay for a $1500 item that we never received.

I cannot believe that we’ve actually had to deal with this and the terrible customer service. Never have I heard of someone being treated like this. I don’t thing anyone even has a clue where my treadmill even is. Probably on a truck way far away. And at this point I do not even want it because if I had problems with it, I know sears would be no help at all. I am definitely going to go with a more reliable company to purchase a treadmill and ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER shopping at sears again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Customer service, Home delivery.

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