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Similar experience as this person, only with refrigerator. One customer service agent said he could refund my money and remove the ice making hose and I said, "That would mean the ice maker would be completely worthless and a waste of money" and his response was, "yes it would, but you'd get $10.00 back." Nice customer service qualities. Then, I received confirmation that the deliver would arrive between 9 and 11. It never arrived. Apparently, there was some sort of hitch... with the ice maker. The *** customer service rep. probably had something to do with it. As the other no longer Sears customer's experience went, I was on the phone for over an hour and spoke with five agents and I also did an online chat after I spoke to the $10 ***. I was quoted the wrong price and charged more than the quote and that's when I was connected to the $10 ***. He kept saying he could go over the charges with me and I can see it with my own eyes, what I wanted to know was why was I told the wrong price. He never apologized. So, YES, I TOLD ON HIM WHEN I COULDN'T TAKE HIS *** ANY MORE. I had had enough and then it didn't end there. Sears just kept on going and going and going with their insults. NEVER EVER, EVER AGAIN! NEVER! I will pay a ton more than to deal with Sears again. NO THANK YOU! However, the delivery guy was nice. I was told he was a Sears employee, when in the past they were not. He told me he WAS NOT A SEARS EMPLOYEE! What do you believe? The fridge isn't as nice as the one taken away, there is no light in the freezer, it appears to be a refurbished model, but it works, but so did the one that was taken away. The only thing was the gaskets were coming completely off the freezer and the refrigerator and it was 18 years old. Thank GOD, that's over with, so far, but no one told me that it was used model and it had no light, I thought that was standard and lies about the employees, who knows what to believe, but one thing for sure, NEVER EVER, EVER, SEARS EVER AGAIN.

Similar experience as this poor customer:

"Just got off the phone with Sears Home Delivery.Total of an hour and a half of my wasted time, spoke with 9, yes, NINE customer service representatives: Alex (male), Ishbell, Kimberly, Colleen, Alex (female), Danny, Jessie, and Deborah (the most helpful as she was the last).

NEVER got in touch with a supervisor although I asked six agents to connect me. Got disconnected TWICE. All I am trying to do is understand why a patio set I purchased on June 6th, to be delivered on June 18th, has not been delivered yet!!! Then Deborah tells me it is out of stock.

NEVER was told that by Sears. TERRIBLE. Will NEVER order from them again. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

Not worth the aggravation."

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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