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Dear Whom Ever This May Concern,

I am writing to you to write about the worst costumer service I have ever received in my life. I am not writing for a refund, I am not writing for an apology- I am writing for the lack of apology and sympathy by the side of Sears.

It all started Wednesday, July 24th when my mother came to visit. In finding out that we were doing laundry at the laundromat she had offered to help us afford a washer and dryer. So we ventured out to the Nashville Sears Outlet store to find a good, stable but economic washer and dryer for our small two bedroom home. Upon finding one that suited our needs, I had asked the vendor and someone who dealt with shipping if by the fact that the passage to the laundry room was narrow due to the bathroom’s toilet and sink I was assured that delivery would handle it. I scheduled my delivery, plus installment for Saturday July 27th due to the fact that on weekdays my husband and I work. I paid for the extra fee, including 3 year warranty and installation.

On Saturday at 11:55 am, delivery calls, they come and inspect the passage to then tell me that they would need a 4-man delivery crew to raise the washer and dryer over the sink and toilet. Not my words, theirs. I asked if they would be making the call or if I would. I was told I would be. The delivery men then question if I would like for them to leave the washer and dryer in our home, due to the lack of space we decline. When questioning further about why the delivery could not possibly be made today, he tells me that they are an independent contractor and cannot do such things.

Mind you, he does not measure the area, just assumes and leaves. I decide then to take Tuesday off to receive the delivery.

Monday 29 at 5:28 pm, I receive an automatic call from Sears that forwards me to customer service and then drops. I call back immediately and I am told that the systems are updating, that not to worry that my 2 hour delivery time shall be given to me through an automated call from 6 pm to 9 pm.

I never get that call. Now, I am not assuming to know how scheduling for delivery during the week works but when I received my automated call for Saturday, I was allowed to select my timing. Concerned, I call at 9:17 pm. I speak with a young man who apologizes and proceeds to retrieve my information, he then informs me around 9:38 pm that my scheduled time is from 4-6 pm.

I had a problem, I couldn’t do that time. Had it been earlier it would have been okay but I live in a single car household and at 4 pm my husband leaves work from teaching. The young man says he can attempt to get them to call me but I explain that the time is inconvenient and having been told the delivery people were independent contractors I felt uncomfortable. We decide to change it for Friday, he assures me that it would be changed and fills out notes of my discomfort.

Tuesday 30, at 7:11am I receive a call from delivery asking to confirm my delivery. Confused I say that I had changed my delivery. Nothing else is exchanged, we hang up.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable I call at 8:03 am to reaffirm the changes. Apparently the request for this change for denied/cancelled without a call to tell me this. The young woman on the phone tries to fix this, tells me it is scheduled for a 4-man delivery team. We are on the phone for 50 minutes.

At 10:08 am I get a call from delivery from the number 615-944-6199, asking why it was that I had requested 4-men for the delivery, I explain the narrow passage between the bathroom, he debates over it and tells me when the delivery is made to call him.

I was confused- call him? Why? Also why am I being asked about a request I was told I needed to do?

At 12:20 pm I call a speak to Deria 34056 at customer service to puts me to delivery with Eva 24201. I request a supervisor. It seems as though each time I ask for one, no one is around. I am told that Pamela is busy and will call me soon. I never get a call.

At 1:45 I call to be communicated with Alexis 252193 who then tells me that she will try and solve this issue. She attempts to call delivery, no answer. She puts me through the store manager of the outlet where I purchased my items from.

I explain the situation, he tells me he will call me back.

3:20 I call him back, he puts me on with Tony. Tony tells me he has to contact a case manager, sounds worried at what the delivery man on Saturday told me. Explains that the delivery cannot be made due to security issues, I understand but this does not change the fact that I have made now a total of 5 calls in the last 24 hours. I can’t be assured if the delivery can me made, all they know if someone made a grave offense.

He tells me he will call me personally once he knows about what is going on.

5:20 pm, nothing so I call. Manager tells me Tony has left. By now I have given up, I drive over to get my refund. A present made in part by my mother soiled. The salesperson is disappointed but the manager is calm.

He is singing along to the radio while he hands me my refund, telling my husband he will somehow get clean clothes before the first day of school on August 31, I return to work tomorrow. I work at a non-for-profit. His apology was not genuine, no one knew who I was supposed to call. I had no guidance, just forwarded, tossed around like it did not matter.

My husband and I are planning on having a family. Purchasing a home within the next few years but we plan on NEVER using Sears again. Ever.

I cried on my way home, no one had answered. All I got was, “Once it’s with delivery it’s out of our hands.”

Thanks for nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Hey Anon commenter,

Go jump in the lake. No one asked you anything. Are you complaining because you are a slow reader?

Put your two cents in the toilet.

Sears Response

Anonymous 7a58bd, we thank you for taking the time to let us know about this situation.

We are truly sorry to hear that you have experienced such poor customer service getting the washer and dryer you purchased delivered. We would like to take the opportunity to have one of our personal case manager’s contact you. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous 7a58bd), phone # used at time of purchase to

Thank you,

Dianne D.

MySears Community Moderator

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No one asked you to write a book. You appear to not have a life and make mountains out of mole hills!!!!!!!!