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On March 1 I returned home from work at 5:30 pm and realized my automotive battery was not functioning in my Lincoln MKX. I am a recent widow and I remembered my husband insisting we use only Diehard batteries in our vehicles as he believed they are superior. To remain true to his trust I began searching online for the correct battery. My search indicated there was a battery at the K-Mart store in Newark, De. I called the store and was told there were 2 batteries in stock. It was raining heavily and extremely windy. I immediately proceeded to the store which is a 30 minute drive from my home where I found the batteries with black and white disc stickers with L6 imprinted on them. I did not know what this code indicated so I enlisted the aid of the store manager and he pointed out this code meant the batteries were shipped in December 2016. He further indicated they should have been removed from stock and returned 6 months prior for fresh ones. I requested the manager to call the K-Mart store in Bear, De. to determine if they had the correct battery in stock. He would not assist me in this area. I called the store myself and spoke to the employee working the automotive department who assured me there were 2 batteries in stock however he could not find the shipping code on them. I then drove another 20 minutes to the Bear store to find there were no batteries that would fit my vehicle. I approached the customer service representative to explain I was told there was available stock and to ask if perhaps the stock had not been forwarded to the shelves yet. I was met with a rude, curt attitude and was told the batteries were not in the store. It was now 7:30 pm. Disgusted, hungry, wet and cold I left. I proceeded to a Wal-Mart store in Elkton, Md. where I purchased a battery with which I am not satisfied. By the time the battery was installed I did not return home until 9:30 pm.

The next day, my son called the Sears store in BelAir, Md. and was told there were 3 batteries in stock with ship dates that were recent. He drove the 45 minutes to the store to find there were no batteries. While there, my car was hit and damaged. Consequently, I had to file an insurance claim. I’m sure you realize this event was very upsetting.

On Saturday morning 3/3 I called the Sears store in Wilmington, De. and was told there were 3 batteries in stock with ship dates of February 2018. I had the battery in my online cart and was about to purchase it however the internet was very slow due to the weather issues. While waiting, I called Sears customer solutions to provide feedback regarding this experience again, for the purpose of pointing out the opportunities for improvement and requested to speak to a supervisor as I did not wish to relay the entire story multiple times. It was very difficult to understand the person I was speaking to as I believe I was connected to someone in the Philippines. I was told I could not speak to a supervisor until I relayed the course of events. I explained the entire situation and was transferred to a supervisor who insisted I repeat the story again. I again explained what happened. I was now so thoroughly disgusted I told the supervisor, “At this point I almost feel like Sears should provide me the battery as a complimentary gesture toward service recovery”. The supervisor offered this as a solution and advised me that she would approve me to obtain the battery free of charge. She stated I needed to proceed to the store and give them the case number and they would give me the battery at no cost. I called the manager of the store, advised him of the conversation with customer solutions and gave him the case number to verify. I did not leave to drive to the store for approximately 2 hours. During this time I did not receive any phone call from the manager of the store indicating there was a problem. I again drove the 45 minutes to the store in Wilmington and was told upon arrival that customer solutions told him I would need to be reimbursed from K-Mart.

I called customer solutions while in the store, requested to speak to the supervisor and was told I could not be transferred to her. While speaking with the now third customer solutions representative I was able to discover the initial supervisor I spoke with did not document the case correctly and the only documentation she entered was that I had purchased the battery from the K-Mart. There was no documentation of her promise to provide the battery free of charge. I kept trying to explain I did not purchase a battery, I had been trying to purchase one for 2 days. I further kept trying to explain I was promised a battery at no charge and I felt that should be honored. I was transferred to instore support and relayed the situation for a fourth time. During the call I heard the manager in the background say, “Tell her we don’t give free batteries and hang up.” The representative on the other end of the phone stated, “We don’t give free batteries” and hung up on me.

I realize this has been quite a lengthy explanation and again, I appreciate the time you have spent reading about it. I took the time to write because I feel integrity and truth are moral strongholds. I tried repeatedly to contact someone at Sears Holdings and left messages which have not been returned. I e-mailed Ms.Munjal and Eddie Lampert with no response. I will never again buy a Sears product!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Car Battery Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Battery at no charge.

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