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We are getting a kitchen renovated and we decided to order an oven from Sears. We are on a tight schedule because we need the new kitchen appliances by the time the contractors come to install.

We requested that sears deliver them by a certain date. We order and paid for the order and seemed to work fine except that there was no confirmation e-Mail stating anything about the order we made. A day or two later we called Sears to find out if the order went through. Transfer-transfer-transfer again-hold then a two hour talk just to find out the order didn't exist at all.

The service representative stated the online catalog isn't always up-to-date (that's helpful) and sometimes some orders will not exist. We thought fine OK it was just an error. The representative canceled the order and we were done. We order somewhere now on a tighter schedule and a few days later, we get a courtesy call from Sears stating the appliance is to be delivered this Saturday (tomorrow).

We called Sears concerning this call and they claimed (after the hold and transfer routine) the order was cancelled and that there won't be anything delivered on Saturday. Today we received another courtesy call claiming that an order is to be delivered tomorrow. We called Sears yet again to ask about this and after yet again, the transfer and hold routine, we reached the manager. We were telling him about this situation and he put us on hold "while he figures this out", has the nerve to put us on hold and leave us hanging.

He never responded. Never ever trust Sears again.

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VERy similar story here, except that mine is a dishwasher that arrived damaged ... it's been 4 months and I STILL haven't received a refund or been able to get them to pick it up!

Everytime I call they give me a new date that they will be here to pick it up! This place out to be out of business!


If the story was fake, do you think I'd put it up there. We have call logs of this as well as an enroute to us this moment from another. We even reported Sears to the BBB.



Does that include not believing your story?

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