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NEVER WILL BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN. After supporting a local (ILLINOIS) company for years, our family has made a decision to never shop at SEARS again.

The customer service is horrible, and we are disappointed that the company does not care to spend more money on training. The Reps were rude and obnoxious, pretty much telling us it's our fault that we don’t know that their inventory is NOT UPDATED and the items shown on the website ARE NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE (when ordering on line doesn’t mean Sears has it). Basically, when you pay for the item it doesn’t mean you will get it. Things customer service reps said that made us wonder if Sears hired people who know how to insult our intelligence: Don't you know it takes time to update the inventory?

Real time inventory is not always what it is. Our vendor must have decided to ship it directly to you. We don't know why it happened. I am trying to give you an answer and you do not let me.

The item was probably damaged, i mean lost. Your bed got lost. Do you want us to ship damaged bed to you? You do not want to deal with that.

We do not have any more beds. We do not know where is your bed. Your bed was not shipped. Your bed was shipped.

Your bed was damaged. Your bed got lost. Your bed is one the way! You can not have this item anymore.

And this one was our favorite: You took it this way but in fact its not our fault. So NEXT time you call Sears if the item you ordered on-line was never delivered, remember = they DO NOT CARE about you or your business, they do not apologize for their mistakes and offer to fix it or refund the money immediately, they do not treat you respectfully and speak to you as adults, they do not use COMMON SENSE. instead they WILL accuse you for expecting (how dare you!) to get the item you PAID FOR. They will accuse you of taking it the WRONG WAY, they will lie, and put you on hold forever while playing the most annoying message all over again asking you to hang up after the first 20 minutes and simply go on line to check your order status, and then, once they actually pick up, they will hang up the phone when if feel like it, just so you call again and wait for another 30-40 minutes to start over again.

We promise you your mood will not be the best after a month of waiting for the item and after 2 weeks of trying to see where is it while talking to people who have zero skills or simple common sense. Please do not expect SEARS to understand why is your order important to you, or comprehend why you are so disappointed, upset that you have to go home and tell your kid – “your gift is not coming. We promised you son but mommy and daddy lied?” Do expect hearing this: ITS NOT OUR FAULT, we cant help you any further. Lie.

Lie lie. We cant help you. click. Our Christmas story: we ordered a toddler bed, a Christmas present for our little boy, and he is waiting for it with excitement.

Oh, how happy we were when we saw his favorite Paw Patrol fire truck bed on sale! We actually told him about this bed and as a big boy he was so excited about bed time!!! Have you ever seen a toddler excited about bed time?? Ours was.

Oh glory! Attention! This is the common sense part that was extremely hard to get by sears representatives: Toddlers just dont go to bed happy. Toddlers fight you and delay bed time so mommy and daddy lose their minds trying to convince the little warriors that sleep is actually good for them.

Ours did not need convincing! AND IT’S A CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PRESENT! Remember the holidays? Happy, Exciting and magical time when everyone gets a wish granted… when presents are so special, when families come together…when american’s were rejoicing and kids jumped with excitement when they saw the presents under the tree.

SEARS does not ! Well it is special and for our family it is still magical. Besides the excitement factor about the sleep part, that was our present to the little guy who just adores FIRE TRUCKS. When we ordered it we were so excited.

We paid for it, waited for it for a month. And then we DARED to call and follow up on something we paid for only to learn its not delayed, not damaged, it was not stolen, it was not lost….it was never available and its just not coming. Well, now its too late to shop anywhere else in time for holidays! Thank you Sears for lying that it is available, for selling on line like it was, for promising to deliver the item, for setting our hopes up, for lying for the past month about availability and delivery date, for making us wait for it, for speaking to us as we were fools, for using our money, for not being responsible, for wasting our time, for delaying our plans and making us available for delivery on the 14th, AND for killing little boy's holiday mood!!!!!

MORE SPECIFIC ORDER Details: we spent 2 weeks trying to resolve the issue with our very simple order that was placed a month ago, on Nov. 20, 2016. It was a simple order, as it contained only ONE item that we paid for, and got the confirmation for. It was available on line and it shipping track number was created right away making you believe its been shipped.

After 3 weeks of not getting any updates or the item , we called to follow up on the delivery and were told its coming Dec 14. We also confirmed that on line thru the UPS. Today is the 19th and our toddler bed is not here. So we called again TODAY Dec.

19 (5 days before christmas). Total time spent on the phone: 2.5 hours with waiting time of close to 2 hours and actually conversation about 30 minutes with 3! representatives and 1 case manager. Yes it took 3 people to collect the information and look up the order.

At first we were told its been shipped, then we were told its shipped but not delivered (as we did not know that when we called), etc etc. So Four times we spoke to four different people and were transferred twice, four times they asked us the same information about our order and four times they had different answers. Last time we called the 800 number the lady informed us that they even refunded the money to us (which is a lie) and hung up on us. So….We called the number posted above (for corporate) in hopes to get this resolved and we got Christine (the case manager).

Finally, Christine informed us that it was never shipped, and THE BED IS NOT COMMING AT ALL. It was not available in the first place on Nov 20 when we placed our order. etc etc. And that it was not a big deal for Christine because we need to understand that its not available.

When I asked Christine if she feels this practice is acceptable she got irritated and told us that she has no information about that. Christine sounded like a robot. No human factor. Take what she tells us and be happy.

I gave up being patient when Christine told me that she can give me technical details on why the item is marked shipped on UPS site when it was not even available ? Christine did not like questions that assumed common sense or complicated answers involving a third party. So she told us that she is trying to respond to that. Then she told us we don’t let her ….Christine sounded like a robot who knew how to make a customer feel *** and at fault for not letting Christine to repeat for a 100000 times that our number is this and the system shows this.

She clearly knew how to read whats on the screen. A step toward common sense was a bad idea on our part. Then we dared to ask for a refund. Christine lost her patience and told us the money was refunded.

We checked our bank on line and told Christine the opposite. Christine told us this : then you have to wait for 2 more weeks for it to be refunded and this is ok because SEARS kept our money for a month and then another 2 weeks because it’s what the system !!!! does. So blame the system.

I asked for an immediate refund so we can purchase a holiday present for my son, we were told that Christine’s not available, her brain battery died. (kidding) Actually they told us : we cant help you. We got NO item and No refund and a TON of lies, one after another. We asked about Christine’s immediate supervisor: Christine informed us that THERE IS NOBODY ABOVE.

OK? Yes, nobody above her! Our robot Christine must be the CEO. Unlike Christine, we are a simple family, we work hard to buy presents and this one was very special for our little boy.

SHAME ON YOU, SEARS! For being ignorant, deceiving, rude, for outsourcing your customer service, for not training people to be people and for not caring about your fellow Americans as you should! We have more harsh words for SEARS, but i will refrain from insulting them as i feel bad enough after them insulting us with such business. Instead of calling Sears names that our brain very appropriately selects at this point, we will just take our money somewhere else and publish this story on many, many, many social networks.

As many as possible, so you people will not buy from you and will not feel as *** as us during the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you, Sears, hope you improve your attitude toward hard working Americans!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Cons: Lies about my order.

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Wow you really know how to rant.


I was treated the same way. It was my fault that I had ordered a white stove even though it was in stock when I ordered it.


Thank you for your comment and support. I almost never complain but they ruined our Christmas :(