By far one of the worst customer service experiences in my life. We ordered a fridge, stove and dishwasher from sears on Saturday October 3.

The three appliances were delivered Wednesday October 7. I began to open my new appliances. I started with the fridge. I noticed rust on the exterior of the new stainless steel fridge.

Immediately I called Sears. Along with our appliances we purchased a 5 year protection plan to cover any service or repairs. I was on the phone with the customer service representative and advised I did not want to continue opening the fridge as obviously we would not be keeping it, but then the problem would be that my food on the counter was going to spoil. The customer service representative advised me to open the fridge and use it until they could get me a replacement.

As he was documented and doing things on his end I began to remove the tape and open the fridge up. I open the fridge door and inside the fridge the shelves are wrapped in clear vacuum sealed wrap. INSIDE the clear vacuum sealed wrap are a number of DEAD CRICKETS. I nearly fell over.

When the representative comes on the line I tell him what I see. After some discussion he asks about my other appliances, are they ok? I started to unwrap my stove. I am looking at the stove and thinking hmmm, the stove top isn’t a ceramic stove top, maybe I need to install the stovetop myself?

NOPE, they delivered a gas stove! I don’t have a gas hook up! I didn’t even want to open the dishwasher… It is 48 hours later. I have no appliances I can or want to use.

The stove I can’t use. Sears had no problem telling me to use the fridge that again was filled with DEAD CRICKETS, I’m sorry would any of you use a fridge that arrived like that?. And what can Sears do for me? They will TRY to get me some loaner appliances.

My new appliances will now be delivered more than a week later on Friday October 16th. Sears has told me to use a fridge that arrived filled with DEAD CRICKETS (every time I say that, I still can’t believe it), I can’t cook any fresh food because we have a gas stove without a gas hook up in our house, we have garbage that the delivery men left behind all over our driveway, we have dings and gashes in our drywall and paint damage from poor delivery.

Sears has hung up on me, has not returned numerous phone calls, advised me to call a phone number in the United States (confirmed with my phone provider that there will be a $40 charge for that on my next bill) to lodge a complaint (they ended up transferring me back to Canada because of course, they can’t help me). It is Thanksgiving weekend and I had to cancel our Thanksgiving dinner, sorry Family and Friends, you can thank Sears!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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