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1.I purchased a Craftsman Rotary Lawn Mower Model No. 917.338190 on June 13, 2008. I mowed my lawn (approximately 1/16 of an acre) four times with this mower. On July 6, 2008 I was mowing the lawn and the rear skirt fell off and I ran over it with the mower cutting the skirt in half and warping the blade and probably the crank-shaft in the engine (there was a vibration there that was not there before the incident).

2.I returned the mower to the Sears store where I purchased it and asked that it be replaced. The manager on duty, refused to replace the more stating that the mower had to be sent in for service to determine if it was a manufacturing defect and that it would take two-to-three weeks. I then asked for a refund so I could purchase a new mower – again she refused citing the same reason. I then called the Sears National Help line and spoke to a very helpful gentleman who tried to convince Beth to replace the mower and she still refused. I then asked to speak to the store manager. After much debate Beth finally got on the phone and I got the same response from him.

3.After an hour of debating I stated that I would please like my money refunded minus a 15% restocking fee and was told that I could not get any refund until the mower went to service to determine what the problem was. I then left the mower there and went home.

4.In the meantime I had to cut my lawn – so I borrowed a mower, and then purchased a used mower for $40.00 so I could cut my lawn while I am trying to resolve what is essentially a $25.00 issue.

5.I spoke to the Sears National Hotline on four separate occasions and was assured that the store manager would call and resolve the issue, he did not – so I called back and was assured that District Manager (Columbus, Ohio) would call and resolve the issue, he never called either.

6.I called the Sears National Hotline again on July 18, 2008 and spoke to a rep who did contact the manager who said I could have a refund minus 15%.

7.So, I got in my car drove forty miles to Sears to pick up my refund minus 15% ($25.00).

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I work for sears, and i am very sorry about the lousy customer service you were given. one thing i dont understand though is how did you run over the "rear skirt" if its in the back.

unless you were pulling backwards on the mower which then it may have been folded underneath by the lawn, which now brings the lawn type into it as well. It sounds to me as owner neglect and misuse because any lawn mower would do the same thing if dragged backwards. Craftman rear skirts are no different than most of the other brands. in fact, that mower is customer rated at about 4 out of 5 stars for the price paid.

however the customer service you were given seems lousy and some helpful info is that Husqvarna is the manufacturer behind the mower, not sure about there number though. Good Luck with the situation and i hope your next mower (whether craftsman or not has a better life).

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