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Angry ordered new range as a protection agreement plan in August 2018, range was delivered on Sept 25, 2018 on a Wednesday, the driver drove past my house, put on brakes, my husband heard something hit together, they pulled up in the driveway, unloaded the range, my husband walked to the back of the truck and there was a fridge on the truck, that's what the range hit. the electrician was supposed to be here to put in range.

( it was to be hardwired in), I had to call and arrange for them to come out, which was THE next Tuesday, 6 days later, because they are from Pensacola, Fl, I'm in Alabama, the electricians came out, took off the top of the box and measured the stove, then measured my counter top, it was not wide enough, he didn't bring a saw to cut the counter with, but was pulling a small enclosed trailer behind his vehicle, he would have to come back out the NEXT Tuesday, ( 7 MORE days), I hired a private electrician come out, cut the counter and put the stove in, found there was a dent in the NEW range door, I called Sears AND because it wasn't reported within three days, they cant do anything, Ive called numerous times and talked with different people, telling me we can get your a new range, only to be transferred to another dept, to be told, this is the wrong dept , and put on hold and then disconnected!

Ive told them it wasn't even taken out of the box for two weeks. Angry Angry Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Ffew3026Ts Range.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: replace range.

I didn't like: That sears isnt standing behind their products, Get it sold, Then its your problem then.

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Dear Firsthand. I did reply to this original posting and it can be found in a review a few places above.

Although lengthy, I hope it can give you direction as to what yo do next. Another commentator has kindly outlined a very similar experience, akin to yours that may help. Please take whatever measures and steps necessary to conduct what you can do. I am currently working on assignment for my employer away from home, and the nearest locale reflects the closest Sears store to me.

If there is anything else that I and or my colleagues can do, please let us know. I am sorry for the problems you are enduring and share your frustration. Since you have contacted the delivery company, and basically they blew you off, follow through and collect the documentation they have on hand when the delivery was made. By law, they have to provide the e -documents at the time of that delivery to you and your attorney.

That is the best place to start. You have the chain of events that clearly and definitively show where they failed you. Please let us and Pissed Consumer know how it is going and the steps you employed to work it out.

Your experiences are your testimony for others who are in the same situation and can help them as well. Thanks!


That is extremely true. Your window of opportunity is very limited and there is time today, as quickly as possible to get things moving forward at breakneck speed.

MMonday, Oct 15 2018 is the tentative and the expected and awaited D day for Sears to begin filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. Restructuring for Sears is nit in the cards for Chapter 11, which means liquidation. Some merchants and companies have stepped up to assist in the curb of issues that Sears customers are enduring in repairs, maintenance and warranty agreements; however, do not wait and act quickly before others get the advantage ahead of you. If you paid with your credit or debit cards, file a dispute immediately and have your financial institution perform a chargeback.

Time is of the essence, and you have no time to waste. Please let us know if we might be able to help further. Pissed Consumer is an excellent place to start and they incorporate legal mediation and tools to help you get the process going.

I hope this helps. Et Tu Brutae

to Et_Tu_Brutae.User #1581480

Since delivery was made in Sept you still have time to dispute. Gather your info and call Sears to have it picked up.

Info regarding can be filed with Sears using my reply post to you above. above.

to Et_Tu_Brutae.User #1581558

It was a a replacement from the previous stove, so no money was involved, but I’m not giving up

to Anonymous #1581623

Fantastic attitude! Keep pressing and call the number provided in the post.

You still have rights and Sears has an obligation to completely fulfill that replacement. If there is anything else I or we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

As Marcus Aurelius said: "What stands in the way becomes the way." Bravo, Firsthand! Aeternum Vale


Better get a refund they will be bankrupt on monday

to Anonymous #1579636

tks, my chances are slim

to FirsthandAppenzellerDog #1579807

I can completely relate. The three day window is the catch 22 clause where once it is delivered, the consumer is held responsible, even though the damages were caused upon delivery.

Once you signed off that it was delivered then the clock started ticking, and none of the hassle you underwent with the first electrician made it any better. Try and contact the delivery vendor who is contracted by Sears. See if you can get them to own up to the responsibility for the damages.

You and your spouse are the witnesses of the damage, and then you will have to file a claim with Sears to correct and rectify it. 1 800 573 1088

to AeternumVale #1581055

I did contact them AeternumVale, they acted like nothing happened

to FirsthandAppenzellerDog #1581548

My reply to your post can be found above: Re: dent in range. You still have time to dispute and have Sears pick it up.

to Anonymous #1579809

More than likely chapter 11 to get through the holiday season, slated for tomorrow. Keep an eye out.

to AeternumVale #1579852

where do you follow it through?

to FirsthandAppenzellerDog #1579854

Let me do some contacts and research. If my mom and I got it resolved, we can help you. Hang tight

to Anonymous #1579856

tks!!!! MUCH appreciation!!!!

to FirsthandAppenzellerDog #1579863

No problem and you are very welcome. Glad to help

to FirsthandAppenzellerDog #1580177

I just got off work and I am doing some digging into getting your issue my full attention. I do fraud analysis, investigation and prevention for a living but do have colleagues and contacts who are assisting us.

I haven't forgotten you, so hang in there!

I shall return and get the info you need. Thanks for your kind consideration and patience.

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