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On September 18, 2014 my husband and I purchased a Kenmore French Door/Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (Model #596.72383411 Serial #K42612063) from Sears, in Murphy, NC, at a cost of $2,469.96. Sears did not have this refrigerator in stock so they had to order it. Delivery and setup was the first week of October, 2014.

The refrigerator had only been installed about two weeks when we went back to our Winter home in Florida the latter part of October 2014; winterizing the Murphy house includes the thermostat being set at 58 degrees F.

On June 15, 2015 we arrived at the Murphy home and after a brief inspection of the interior of the house, we proceeded to unpack our groceries and upon opening the freezer drawer big pieces of ice broke off and fell onto the hardwood floor and oriental rug. Realizing that this was going to be a real problem, we went back to the Sears store where the refrigerator was purchased and spoke to Ron Ledford, the Store Manager. He said that there was nothing he could do and proceeded to dial the Repair phone number on the store phone. An appointment was set us for July 10, 2015.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the first repair appointment because we were called back to Florida for a death in the family. I called repair and rescheduled the appointment for July 24, 2015. Returning to Murphy July 20th the freezer drawer with completely iced up on all four sides of the drawer and inside walls of the freezer itself.


In the course of owning this refrigerator, four (4) repair calls have occurred over the course of the dates July 24, 2015 to September 2, 2015. The following is the detailed accounts of those repair calls:

1. 7/24/15: Received two calls the evening before (7/23/15). The first call said the repairman would be here between 8 & 5 the next day. We received a second call that same evening saying we were the repairman’s first stop and he would be here approximately 10:00 am which came and went……no show!!! We had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 1:00; got home after appointment; repairman called about 4:45 and said he would TRY to be here about 5:30 P. Waiting until 6:00; with no one having the common courtesy to call or show up, we left for a dinner appointment.

2. 7/25/15: Went back to Sears; spoke with the Manager; he called Repair using speaker phone and another appointment was set up for 7/31/15.

3. 7/31/15: Repairman came to house, inspected refrigerator, needed to order parts: gaskets and adhesive. He installed sealer in the meantime. Parts ordered. Scheduled new appointment.

4. 8/12/15: Repairman added sealer kit to back of icemaker and a moisture/air leak kit (major). Evidently the air leak kit did not work as I have bugs in my refrigerator at the present time (see attached photo).

5. 8/18/15: Again he added more sealer. He then ordered parts: adapters, gaskets, brackets and adhesive. FYI: these parts lay on my table until the next appointment.

6. 9/2/15: Again he added more sealer. He then installed two brackets and two gaskets………according to “Repair Per Training Bulletin”!!

We are not the only family who have had this problem with this model refrigerator; total of all four (4) visits, for a repair that has never been accomplished, is $1,495.57, plus the cost of an extended warranty in the amount of $89.19.

The most important thing in our life is time, and what we do with our time is important to us because we are exchanging a day of our life for it; consequently, we have spent irretrievable time on accomplishing NOTHING. My husband I have worked hard during our lifetimes to have the things we have. We purchased this appliance from Sears in good faith, paying for it with our hard earned money, expecting it to perform as a refrigerator should. You have our money; we have a refrigerator that doesn’t work. What’s wrong with this picture???

Four (4) attempts to repair this refrigerator has been useless and past the point of being ridiculous. There is no Lemon Law in North Carolina; however, is a Federal Law called the MAGNUSON MOSS WARRANTY ACT which simply states that the product must have had a “reasonable” number of repair attempts. I am of the opinion that four (4) attempts is beyond “reasonable”. Perhaps I should be contacting the North Carolina Consumer Protection Office???

Obviously, the icing up and melt downs of ice buildups will soon cause major damage issues with the hardwood floors and oriental rugs in our home.

Please be kind enough to authorize a refund or replacement of this unit before we close up our Murphy home on October 15, 2015.

I will accept nothing less than a replacement or refund for this Kenmore Refrigerator (manufactured by Amana) Model #596.72383411.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Sears Cons: Poor product quality, Being placated by uncaring service people, Customer satisfaction non-existent.

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Hi, I have one of these units one year and the ice maker died, 3 years and the refrigerator compartment does not get cold.. Great looking unit inside and out but the internal workings are very questionable..