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I have been having issues with a diamond wedding ring set I purchased 2 years ago and Sears has yet to rectify the situation. I initially purchased the set along with the lifetime warranty (I would also like to add that they don't tell you the lifetime warranty will only replace the main big diamond 5 times- after that you are SOL!) and within a month 5 of the small diamonds had fallen out.

After several times of this happening and the jeweler fixing the ring, they let me return that ring and purchase an exact duplicate, thinking the first ring set was just defective. Well it wasn't. Since then, I have taken my (SECOND) ring back because of lost diamonds to be fixed 6+ times, each time with multiple diamonds missing. It takes at LEAST 5 weeks to get the ring back each time and at this point, it has been at the jewelers more than it has been on my finger.

I've stopped wearing it for months at a time because it looks terrible with diamonds missing and I'm so tired of bringing it in. I was told of a policy that says if 5 diamonds fall out, they will let you return the ring to get store credit. Daimonds have fallen out WELL OVER 5 times and every single time I've gone into the store they have given me some bs reason why that's not possible at this time. I am very careful with my jewelry, I take them off even while doing dishes.

There's no reason they should continually fall out like this, especially when the jeweler "tightens all stones" each time it's sent there. Sometimes I get it back and by the next day a diamond is gone again. I would like to return the ring and MAYBE get a different set (completely different style, apparently prong set diamonds fall out easier) but at this point I am so irritated with all these issues and lack of customer service that I want to demand a full cash refund. I spent thousands on this ring and it's supposed to be a very special cherished piece of jewelry, being a wedding set.

I am so completely disappointed and would NEVER recommend purchasing any jewelry from Sears. I ALWAYS get the run around and no one ever seems to care about this problem!! COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!! Also, this location has NEVER answered their phone and I've called many times during business hours.

I have no clue why they even have a phone number listed because no one ever answers. The store is located in the Tucson Mall in Tucson, Arizona.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ring.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Customer service, Warranty service, Jeweler service, Quality.

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I have the same issues with my diamond rings. I wish I would of read your comments before my husband bought my ring so I could of told him do not buy a ring from sears. Lol Thank you so much for your review/comment


Same issue with mine! I’ve had it 4 years and have had it fixed 4 times!




You have LITERALLY described my exact experience with my bridal set from Sears. I haven't even been able to wear mine because of the constant repairs from missing diamonds.

Service Dept is deceptive and even though it clearly states that they have to refund the full purchase price, there is always another excuse as to why they are not able to honor their own words in that are written in Their own warranty brochure. They are thieves and no wonder they are going out of business.


I got an engagement ring from sears for $1400 labled 10k gold and .25ct real diamonds. Took it to get it appraised without giving any context of what i paid or where I got it.

Its only worth $30. *** pissed.


We had the exact same problem with a diamond and black pearl ring my husband bought me. The diamonds were very small, there were 3 on each side of the pearl.

The next day, the pearl fell off. I also noticed a small diamond was gone. I had the pearl but never found the wee diamond. I know these are delicate rings, barely wore it.

It took 3 months before we got a full refund. Their jewelry is garbage, customer service and everything else was a nightmare. Just never buy jewelry there. They treated us like crap and we had to fight tooth and nail to be reimbursed a measly $800.00 for a *** ring.

Blew my mind, worst experience ever. - .0000000001 rating


I know your post was from a while ago and you probably will never see this, but I have to try. I am going through this right now.

We bought a 10k .65 CTW ring from them. It is missing two diamonds and I seriously hardly EVER wear the ring. And when I do, I never am rough enough to knock a diamond out, they clearly fall out extremely easily. I created a case and never got a call back, called them again and they told me to go to a jewelry repair website and create an account and send the ring in for repair (a lifetime warranty was also purchased).

At this point, I really just want to return the ring and get the $800 back to purchase one somewhere else, and call the $140 spent on the lifetime warranty a loss. It’s obvious that they don’t want to allow me to return it, it has been 2 years exactly since purchase (but the ring has been put up in a bag since noticing the diamonds missing for at least this past year).

What did you do to get them to allow a refund? Need advice on how to proceed.