there has been no heat in the sears eastpoint store for several weeks. i am very uncomfortable when shopping and feel sorry for the employees waitting on me, they don't have a choice, i do and i leave.

this has been the coldest time of winter with winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. and still theres no heat in that store.

The employees are getting sick if not already and its inhumane to work there. when a person shops one is unable to try clothes on because the dressing area is the temperature of a refrigerator or ice box.

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I work for Sears. The truth of the matter is that each store has goals to reach in $$$$$.

If your store doesn't reach those goals, the company starts to cut. Payroll is first. Depending on the cut, it could be a whole department or maybe two. Those people remaining also have their hours cut.

They are expected to do the same amount of work with a third to a half less people. Salaried management is expected to do "whatever it takes" to get the job done. In other words, we don't care how many hours you have to work (70 to 80), just do it. Other things also get cut.

If you went over your budget for heat last year, the temperature will be lowered this year (as the price of fuel goes up). Customers complain that they can't even try clothes on in the dressing room. All the employees have learned to dress for the "weather" in the store. The manager says there is no control over the heat at store level.

If Sears is such a big successful company, where's all the money going? It certainly isn't for heat. They have a report for everything. I believe that a bunch of guys sit in a room and just think up things for others to do.

Let's get those big shots to work in a store for a week without their big shot authority. Maybe they'll really know the extent of the damage they're doing!


I work at the Sears in Knoxville Center Mall, Knoxville TN. We don't have any heat either and when I complained I was told 1st that there never was heat, and then 2nd (in the same sentence) that the heat broke over ten years ago and will not ever be getting fixed.

This was by the head operations manager.

I then tried to lodge a formal complaint via online chat on the Sears website. I was told by a CS rep that she was only there to take orders and I would need to take it up with the store manager. When I explained that I already had and that I wanted to make a complaint to corporate she advised me to mail a letter.


What year is it? :sigh :sigh

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #100913

Those of us that work in an "un named" big box store here in the midwest go through this scenario each and every day during the winter! We DO have heat, but also single automatic doors that face north and it is like working in a freezer!!

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