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I will no longer do any business with Sears after 30 some years and thousands of dollars of business to them. The fact that you would cave to leftist hatemongers and remove President Trump's daughter's designs is deplorable.

This is still a free country and all people have the right to free speech and enterprise, not just the few who cause problems and think only their opinions however right or rwrong, are the only ones that matter, no matter how much they threaten businesses to do it their way or else! , My family members and friends support our president and will boycott you!!!! I hope Sears business fails. There are plenty of Republicans out there who buy your products and I hope they will think twice and decide to go elsewhere.

Shame on you!

I thought Sears was such a good company and a fair one. However, I no longer think that anymore and will not do business with a company that caves under pressure to one group.

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