Our fridge has been acting up, not getting cold anymore. We got our Fed tax refund Friday, Feb 13th.

So after we ate Sat night we went to Lowes and looked at what they had. My husband liked the bottom freezer fridges, but the ones with the single door. The store by our house did not have one in stock, but another local store did--it was getting late so we didn't go over there. So after we got home, I started researching and found one we both liked that Sears said they had in stock, and it could be delivered Monday.

I ordered it and chose today (Tues, Feb 17th) for delivery, since I am off today. I got a message on the answering machine last night, and a text message, confirming delivery between 9 and 11 this morning. I got another text at 8:30 this morning confirming it was on schedule. I moved my car so they'd have a clear path through the door, and spent the whole morning in the kitchen with the door open, checking my phone regularly, waiting for them.

I cleaned the kitchen like the house was going up for sale, waiting.... Come noon, they still had not showed up so I called the number for deliveries. The rude female on the other end said they are not delivering today because of weather. Yes, weather--I live in Louisiana.

I pointed out I got 3 confirmations of delivery today, there's been no phone calls or messages about a change, and the weather is clear, with no rain, snow, sleet, ice or anything else. There is no excuse to not deliver. She just said sorry, not delivering today. She didn't even offer to reschedule.

When were they planning to tell me this? I'm guessing never, or maybe around, oh, say, 5 pm. I canceled the delivery. I called Sears (had a heck of time finding a phone number) and canceled the order and demanded an email confirmation of cancellation.

I called the credit card company to make sure they did not try to run it through--it had not been run through yet, and he couldn't stop or block it because it had been pre-authorized, but if they do run it I can call back and they can get it reversed (how *** is that?). So went to the other local Lowes, they have the fridge we had picked out in the store in stock. Should have just bought it to start with. I will never purchase anything from Sears again.

This is grossly unprofessional, unethical and incompetent. I left pretty nasty, detailed, feedback on Sears' website giving them a rating of zero.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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