Over the years we purchased two Kenmore water softening units from Sears and were very pleased with them and the services they provided. Every year, a Master Protection Agreement was purchased, last year being $264.69.

Like clock-work we have our system maintained but this year, when the Coronavirus hit, everything went awry.

We, like most people, had to deal with a new standard of living and personally having to remember to schedule a system for maintenance, was not on the forefront of our minds. As like others, we could not have anyone enter our home due to exposure and underlying health issues.

It wasn't until the beginning of July, when we received the 'Did you know the MPA expired' notice in the mail that we realized our contract expired in May and the system hadn't been serviced.

With this, I called Sears numerous times, at the number given on the notice, 1-80*-366-****. After waiting on hold for eternity, I was finally able to speak with a representative, only to be told I needed to contact another department. I was informed of another tel.

number and was switched over to 1-80*-376-****. After waiting on hold for 51 minutes the first time, 48 the second, and the third, just as long, the call got cut off.

I called back the original number, waited again for 45 minutes, got another representative that provided 1-80*-927-**** stating this was the department I needed. I made numerous attempts and after waiting the same amount of time, decided I couldn't endure it any longer!

All I wanted to do, was talk to a supervisor, to see if they could, only during this trying time, allow us to have the once a year courtesy maintenance visit that was missed, or extend our warranty out to cover this service, or offer some sort of credit towards the new contract that I always purchased.

I will add, after explaining the situation twice, one of the representatives informed me that we could have called in April to schedule service for July which would have been covered and Sears did not stop sending technicians out to homes during the pandemic. therefore it was my fault, and bottom line, nothing could be done.

I guess my concerns were thrown by the wayside.

Additionally, while in conversation, I did mention that we have several companies that have offered some sort of relief during the pandemic. One was for our neutralizing system, purchased from another company, that was replaced right after the new year. The Sr. representative there, did not want to put anyone's health at risk and said, 'we will contact you' at a later date and honor a courtesy visit when times are safer.

Our insurance companies also sent us 'credits' on our policies.

Where is the 'heart' with SEARS particularly with this worldwide pandemic! I admitted I didn't call to schedule the maintenance, for that I erred but given the circumstances they should offer some sort of restitution!

Why doesn't anyone answer the phone at the department I need? style="

On a positive note, we love the service man that comes out every year. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Since the late 90's, we have ALWAYS purchased contracts for our systems, for this new model and the one prior.

I was going to let this go but am furious with Sears!

I would love if someone could contact me but have a feeling this won't happen! I really don't want to do business with them but know they most likely are the only company that services their systems.

User's recommendation: I don't have one at this time because it would not be nice!

Location: Bristol, Rhode Island

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Same here!!


No body answer to wait over 1 hour for the phone number 1-80*-***-****

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