Canton, Ohio

That's terrible!!!! I feel so terrible for you!!! Sears is such a suckie *** company. I actually use to work there btw. I don't even know why people are dumb enough shop there. No offence*** The managers are so disorganize and the owners are so helpless when it comes to solving problems. that is why the workers don't care what happens to the customers. If something goes wrong no body gives a *** because that is the managers job to solve it. the managers give everybody *** everyday for no legit reason. your better off working at mcdonalds. sears will always be hiring because their management team suck.

I use to work at the sears in belden village mall in canton, ohio. I was fired because they did not want to give me a raise. It was very close to my 1 year anniversary of working there and by law their suppose to give me a raise. They made the excuse that I used a family member's points on a previous purchase 5 months ago and therefore they have to fire me. WTF?!

Todd Shannon who was the store owner at the time fired me. I never like him nor did I ever talked to him during the duration that i worked there. I have always thought he was a useless ***. He can't do anything right and can't solve anything. Trouble stir up all the time at sears and he can't do anything about it. USELESS I tell you. USELESS!

At least 5 different managers quit sears during my first 6 months of working there. I wasn't shock at that. I knew it was a cut throat environment and I wish I would of left there before they fired me. Working there is not worth it and many other workers will tell you likewise. I hope in the near future sears will go extinct.

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You certainly were not 'legally entitled' to a yearly raise. And it does sound like you were fired with cause. Having said that, yeah I am not a fan of Sears at all.


Sounds like a legitimate reason to get rid of you. If you are not allowed to do that, they clearly have proof.

Even if they wanted to fire you before your raise they have to find a reason. That is a clear reason.

Here is an idea if you don't like a job that takes forever to get raises, don't work at a job that doesn't give raises properly? HMMM.