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If you order from them and thing they are a reputable complant forget it. When I canceled my order due to a different pre and post oder confirmation delivery date.

I was told 3-5 days for them to cancel and then 3-5 days to issue the refund. that was weeks ago. I contact them on the web every 5 days and they tell me contact them in 3- 5 day if I do not get my refund. Well I don't and contact them again and they tell me 3-5 more days.

If you call the telephone # you get some one who does not speak AMERICAN and if you ask for a manager they put you on hold for hours. DON'T BY FROM SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $856.

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I'm going through same exact thing regarding issuing credit back to the credit card.

They say "we're showing a credit WAS ISSUED"... on so and so date (weeks ago), but there is no credit showing , and credit card company confirms that no attempt was made by Sears to issue the credit.

I get same emails... that if you don't get your credit contact us after 3-5 days......

I think Sears & Co is going to go belly up, and THEY KNOW IT.... so they don't care anymore. There is NO WAY they are going to survive with *** off so many people....

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