With Company response

I spent 386.92 on line called canceled order few hours later item never shipped or processed. Reason found same product cheaper in-stock local retailer ....

Two weeks have passed and still no refund for an item that never got pulled from the shelf..... Worthless company I hope they bankrupt and end the misery already... Terrible in-store service--- and also the store employes have no idea what there talking about.... I was in the tool isle a few days later and i asked the tool professional (psssh).

Didn't even know what an ipmact driver was...

I asked he gave me a hammer... lmao

Monetary Loss: $387.

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Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #769489

They told US that they could NOT cancel and order. The people at the call center have no idea what to do about any kind of problems they encounter. All they do is read off of a paper supplied by the company. Usually when they read the paper they can't pronounce the words because they do not speak English.

Eventually they tell you what you want to hear to get you to hang up. If you don't hang up they will hang up on you. They and untrained and uneducated for the most part and will tell you straight out that they do not care if your problem is resolved.

It will be the best thing ever when this store is bankrupt. He old sears died years ago

And no one really knew it, unfortunately.

Sears Response


I saw your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is Kurt and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We are sorry for the difficulties you have experienced with the refund of your purchase. We can truly understand how frustrating it can be without have that amount of money readily available to you. We would like the opportunity to speak with you to ensure this matter is addressed and hopefully restore your faith in Sears. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that you have been assigned to reference your post (Anonymous451929), to smadvisor@searshc.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,

Kurt M.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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