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We purchased a refrigerator with a warranty in December of 2013. It stopped working on August 7th.

Sears refused to come until August 16th. I called and asked for a better date. They passed me around and around until someone finally said, "We are not going to help you" They do not believe in customer satisfaction at all. The whole reason we purchased there was to have reputable service.

What we found out is they could care less. And by the number of complaints on this sight, it just proves I am right about their lousy customer service. I work in a service business and we would never tell our clientele that they have to wait 9 days for a repair. We will never buy another Kenmore product because of the shabby way we are being treated.

We still don't even know when they are coming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I was told to wait 15 days for a washer repair, i was home all day missed work because of their service window 10am to 6pm and they never showed, i was called by someone who said that they came to the house but nobody was home, total bull, i live on a cul de sac and had my front door OPEN while i sat in the living room right next to the door, no service van ever came

Orlando, Florida, United States #856756

Just because they don't cater to your schedule doesn't mean they don't believe in customer service. I get that it's a fridge and time is a factor, but does that mean they should bump someone scheduled for a washer repair?

I am sure the repair people are busy and if their schedule is full their schedule is full.

It doesn't mean they don't believe in customer service. It means the earliest date they have to come repair your fridge is the 16th.

to MattD78 #883560

Haha, I worked for these yokels and while there are some great people there, they have a terrible routing system and not enough back up certified ASA techs to handle overflow. How can you say they care about customer service when this customer above was waiting at home and did not see a tech or get a phone call in advance of arrival?

That's uncaring, indisputably bad service practice. Can't whitewash that unfortunate fact. He waited for a decent amount of time for service and they screwed it up. How do I know he's telling the truth?

Because when I worked there this happened on a daily basis to customers all over the country on an alarming number of calls.

Dealing with Sears these days is akin to playing a slot machine. You might get some gold, but more often than not you'll lose your shirt.

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