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I have been a customer of sears for 35 years and I guess as with all things this will end. I purchased a top end Samsung steam washer and dryer 9 months ago and I am now having an issue with the dryer. I called Sears repair and started the repair process. They sent me an email conformation number of 000803540918343 and followed it up with a conformation phone call.

After I waited all day for the service tech I called the service unit it find out the status and this is where everything when south. I was told that the service call was canceled the day before and I would have to reschedule. This would have been fine if they would have called to let me know but they did not. The next appointment was a week later but we are going on vacation the day before the next appointment. I try to explain this to the off shore call center but they keep insisting on setting the new repair date to a day that I would be out of town. This included 4 disconnects, 5 different centers, 12 representatives, 2.5 hours, 0 apologies and very little faith that the next repair date would be different than the last.

I setup a repair though Samsung's website which issued me a repair ticket with a different service center that is not affiliated with Sears. I spend several thousand dollars with Sears each year. This was not due to price but with the unfounded belief that they would service what they sale. Well silly me, now that bubble is popped I will not be spending a single dollar with Sears unless I have to. My business may not mean much to Sears but 3K per year for 35 years is about 100 thousand dollars. To most businesses this would be a big deal but I will go out of my way and even pay extra to not give Sears any more of my business.

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Sears Response

Dear Hartgw,

My name is Jay and I am part of the Social Media Support team at Sears and I am very concerned about what I have read here. We are truly sorry for the trouble and inconvenience that you have encountered with your service appointment and our customer service. We understand the importance of your time and your money that you spend with us and in our stores. We would like to look further into what has happen surrounding this service order and see what can be done to correct any mistakes that may have been made to help minimize your frustrations. At your convenience, please send us an email to smadvisor@searshc.com providing a contact phone number and the phone number that the dryer unit was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide the screen name (Hartgw or reference number 354912 ) for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Jay C.

Social Media Moderator

Social Media Support Team.

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