Morrow, Georgia
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Let me start by saying that I live on a 1/2 acre lot so there's not a whole lot of grass to cut but I wanted to upgrade from an old Walmart push mower that I bought in 1999 to a self propelled craftsman, it worked great until I went over an ant mound I finished cutting my grass and didn't think anything of it, 2 weeks later I felt that the lawnmower was not cutting right so I went Back to the store and the salesperson suggested the problem was the blade, so I bought a new blade, I installed it and I still had the same problem, so I took it in the store to be sent out for repair thru sears since the mower was only 7 months old, so I received a call from the repair center and told me that the crankshaft was lightly bent and the blade was also bent, I told the representative that how would a new blade be bent??? Then he requested to have it looked at again and "the second technician" agreed with the blade being bent, so after call after call the store manager at the sears in morrow georgia where I bought it told me to call the service center again to get a replacement approval, he even suggested I requested a supervisor because the person answering the call would try to handle the problem themselves, so I did and the person that answered the phone would not transfer me, I called again when I described my problem they told me that they would transfer me but No!

They hung up on me, I called again and finally I was transferred to a "supervisor" again I told him my problem and he said "I'm sure we can do something about it" he put me on hold and when he came back on the phone I guess he thought he was funny or just a clown he said " I have good news and bad news" "what would you like to hear first?" I said I didn't care so he said the good news is that your mower is fixable and the bad news is that we're still going to charge you $235 for the repair, no warranty or nothing, so yeah I'm pissed!

Unless they do something about it I will never shop at sears! And don't you do it either!

Monetary Loss: $305.

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After talking to searscares my problem was resolved, all I wanted was a little customer service and that's exactly what I got! I'm happy with my lawnmower and in the next few days I will be shopping around for a craftsman cordless drill, thank you sears for hearing m out!


You are lucky THIS time. I would steer clear of them from now on, though

Sears Response

Dear Redczr,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your recent experience with our service facility. We apologize that you have been having problems getting your lawn mower repaired properly. My name is Jack with the Sears Social Media Support team. We would like to have one of our case managers contact you in order to address all of your concerns regarding the mower repair. If you would like to speak to us about this, please email the following information – contact phone number, screen name (Redczr), phone number used at time of purchase to Again we’re sorry for any trouble this may have caused and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

Thank you,

Jack C.

Social Media Moderator

Sears & Kmart Social Media Support