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Our Washer broke, went out shopping for a new one. After spending 30 min at local sears, opening machines, reading prices, looking around, no salesperson came over.

In the midst of looking a group of 3 pass by us twice without asking if we needed help. Went to Home Depot, had a great sales person , great customer service, and helpful attitude. Free delivery at our convience, Careful workers, and good install process on this purchase. We ordered, and received without trouble.

Wake up Sears... you are loosing customers at a rate that you will be closed by then end of 2012.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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it took 5 years to get them to replace my washer then they charged me several times for a maintenance agreement that i did not want that added up to 5000 ive had a lien on my house now for way over that because i refuse to pay it. for that price i could buy 20 washers. not to mention the rude phone calls i received from them for years :(


will all the sears stores close up at the same time at end of year? And the will k mart and target be next?

I've heard as soon as september but also november the day before thasnksgiving will be their last day open.

Makes sense if your not making cents. Good Customer service is what its all about these days and Sears has learned the lesson the hard way with lack of customer service your ship sinks real fast.


I would love to walk into your place of employment and say your business will be closed in a year. Get a life and please do shop somewhere else. Hopefully the competition gets to deal with you!


and I bet you anything that that girl that answered phone in mattress dept is a blonde


So when I was in the reno store I found out that the new mattress floor displays were in and the old would be going on clearence within the week and to call and check on when it is going to happen in a couple days. Yesterday when I called the guy told me saturday so just to double check on this I called today just to confirn since I live an hour away fron this store when I asaked the girl on the phone today about it she replied I have no idea whats happening because half of them are firm and the other half is plush.

That was her answer to me and I won't identify her by name. Sears why do you think you've lost customers. The boat is sinking time to jump in the water or go down with the ship.

Ask your staff where the life jackets are located. Fears for Sears


Fears shopping at Sears

I too went into two different sears stores one in calif one in nv also in appliances and mattresses and tools over an hour in each store and never even approached by a salesperson to see if I needed help. I went home and called store directly they transfered my call to mattress dept and the phone rang 100 times and no one answered I hung up and tried again 100 times it rang.

Plenty of salespeople on the floor busy at making themselves looking busy.

Wake Up or give up. I had a $1,000.00 cash in my pocket that I wanted to spend and only spent 200 because no one would help me find what I was looking for