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With products and service like this it's no wonder. My 7 month old Craftsman (which is really a Husqvarna) won't start.

It has Smart Switch (keyless ignition) so you can't bypass the switch . I spent over an hour on the phone with technical assistants and they decided,which I already knew, that the problem was the switch.Now the problems begin, they set up an appointment , 12 days away mind you and it's time to put pre-emergent on my 3 acres of front yard, for a technician to come out between 8 to 5 and you must be there. They were supposed send an e-mail with a service # so I could check on the progress, they didn't.

I *** work and waited all day but the tech never called so I called Sears at 5:30 and said the appointment time had changed to between 6 and 8. At 8:10 pm I called and asked if someone was really going to come out and they said the tech was on his way and should be there in 10 to 20 minutes.

Guess what , THEY LIED !!! At 9:00 I called Sears again and they said I may have to reschedule. I did reschedule and had to wait another week. I called the customer resolution center because I felt I should be put at the top of the list since it wasn't my fault the tech didn't show.

They told me they couldn't do that. If I wanted a service tech to come out it would be a week away. But they did send me a $50 check for my inconvenience and losing a day of work . Whoopee $50 bucks.

I also asked if they would send me the ignition switch so it would be here when the tech got here. She said she didn't have a part number (the part number is on their parts website, she could have looked it up) The tech pulls onto my street at 4:15 and sits there until 4:35 , I know this my dogs barked all the time he was sitting there. He checks things out and tells me it's the ignition switch. Da !!!

But he didn't have one , he have to order it but would have shipped to my address and I could put it in. It comes, doesn't work so I sit here with a $4000 pile of metal waiting another 18 days before any one will come out

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: Get a repair tech out here within 2 days .

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