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I have had a Sears Kenmore so-called Elite fridge since 2012. I have had so many service calls on the same issues I have stopped counting. They are the most anti-customer retailer with which I have ever dealt in my life. So much so that I won't even buy a shirt or even a stick of gum in a Sears store.

My original complaint was the icemaker, which was replaced. I also had a problem with the freezer frosting up very badly. This took months to "fix" because the techs at A & E "service" didn't like the odors in my house (now these are not toxic odors. At the time we were fostering young puppies, which granted do not make for a very pleasant olfactory experience). They would just arbitrarily cancel my service call, only finding out about it through an email. I have been hung up on by a call-center agent because I was frustrated to the point of letting out a cuss word. I immediately caught myself and began to apologize (I work in a call-center environment). However, while I was apologizing the clown just kept talking over my apology and hung up.

I again had the icemaker issue, where it would jam and make this awful banging sound. It was again replaced, although the tech said there was nothing wrong with the icemaker. (Could it be that my fridge is haunted? (I said that, not the tech)). The tech had also ordered a gasket for my bottom freezer drawer, but when he brought it in he determined it was the wrong gasket. This was yesterday. The tech said he would return. Well...I'm still waiting. I called A & E. The young lady said the gasket was on order and the techs had not come in yet (this was at 9:15AM - what kind of hours do these people work?). The agent said she would call me back. Well, it is now 10am. I am not holding my breath.

All I can say is it's a good thing I bought the extended warranty. If I hadn't I would be SOL, as they say.

If I may offer any advice is to buy from some company that gives a *** about customers. This seems to be anybody but Sears, as long as that retailer does not use A & E.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer satisfaction non-existent, Customer service does not exist.

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