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I have a service agreement with sears for my ac July 2 service agent advised needing new parts (2) and the parts will be delivered to the home and a technician will be back on 7-18 parts did not arrive when told called sears that's when I was told parts on back order will reorder parts arrived a week later called told them parts have arrived I was told a service technician will be out to do the work on 7-24 I have this also in email well a representative called 7-24 to ask if parts arrived I explained yes and I'm waiting on the technician to come and ask her if she can hold the line for a minute I have turn the stove off, she said yes sure, not more than twenty seconds later I came back to phone she had hung up so I called back explained the situation to the representative at this point I was told someone will be calling you back today no one called it was five hours later no technician had showed up and no phone called received so I called sears again explained the situation to another representative which stated for the repairs a service technician was never ordered to come to your house today and we sorry for the error and we will call you back and tell you when a technician can come to do the repairs I have not heard from sears so once again I called them to see when the service will be done the representative said maybe Monday 7-28 because a three hour job.

All the contacting have been done by me to call sears to keep hearing the excuses for delays in parts and in service repairs it will be 30 days by monday of going around and around and around and around with sears for this repair

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I sure hope you don't live in my area. It is around 100 degrees with very high humidity.

I think I would already be dead if my AC quit working for that long. They're probably trying to out wait your service agreement and when it expires they'll tell you that you have to pay loads of $$ to fix

Good Luck