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1900.oo dollar lawn mower 2year warranty 5 times to my house and the thing still leaks oil! what the heck?

they come out and throw some warranty water on it and say your good! so now i out? the store manager of the fort wayne in. store said we will fix it!

never happened thanks ralph thompson i took your word! listen to me people do not buy anything from sears ever!~these are hard times go to a place that does not have two faced people like the fort wayne IN.

STORE SEARS!!! and do not but any high dollar items from this store PLEASE!!!

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Home reparman came out after 10 day wait. Fixed my riding mower (new carb, labor, etc.

over $400. Mower ran about 5 min.50 yards. Stopped and won't even respond to key. THEN the problems started!

Called the 800 numbers. Got the same, (english-not-first-language) responders. Could only let me start over, schedule a new appointment in another 10 days. Several attempts online,phone and in person at store nets absolutely no help.

I need a new mower but DAMNED if it will be from Sears. The repair guy was ok and prob. not his fault but no way to contact HIM. Furstrating.

No wonder people look overseas.

Then they had the NERVE to call and want me to respond to a query by phone but I couls only answer with a Number grade for each of 5 or so Is there NO WAY to talk to a real, local person, with authority? d.