12/20/14...While searching the Internet this evening for discounted Patio Furniture I came across several excellent deals on Sears website that as you continue on the website...could not be added to a cart - my cart "was thinking" for ever. These Items were SPM7879521427 offered at $179.97 (with free shipping) and SPM725020905 offered at $449.50 (again free shipping) - I spent hours on the website, aware that these were exceptional deals and tried to order, place in to cart, offered to pick up. I had full intentions to purchase 4 of one of the items and up to 2 of the other.

After several hours of working with "Sears" website and becoming completely frustrated I signed up for Eddie Lampert's baby "Shop Your Way" - Shop my way - my A^*!!!! What fool thought this program up ( I assume Eddie Lampert) - yet, whomever did...may want to check in to see how it's working!

I call customer service only to be hung up on by the first representative. I did learn these items are that of a third party vendor "AOSOM" a distribution house that uses such sites to liquidate their goods. This in no way relinquishes Sears in any way - the items are on THEIR website.

Next call to Customer service was answered by a lovely young lady named Christa - who, by my request, forwarded me to a Supervisor named Mike - A Case Manager (supposedly the hightest level of management that a consumer can speak to).. Mike attempted to assist me, yet once again we were at a standstill - Mike acknowledged the item was on the web-site, the price and the fact that they appeared to be available yet, a consumer could not order. I had him look up a second item under the same vendor - same style of low pricing. Mike volunteered that this particular vendor AOSOM had several "Low Ball" offers within the web site. He claimed he would report it.

Mike further acknowledged and understood where a consumer feels this is "Bait and Switch" along with "Deceitful Marketing" and "False Advertising" by EDDIE LAMPERT, SEARS, AOSOM and others affiliated, inclusive of K MART. By allowing this vendor to post on their web site, SEARS and it's CEO, EDDIE LAMPERT are condoning such behavior and practices. I hold SEARS, E. Lampert and AOSOM completely and individually responsible for misleading the public.

On this call, Mike gave up, he can not or would not supply a Corporate number ( they don't have - right!) He could not give me anyone "above" him to talk to ....in that his "case manager" position was the highest level a consumer could go to without writing a letter. He does have a Supervisor named Nick - but, Nick does not handle consumer calls, he simply monitors the Case Managers and besides, he was not working - I could call back during the week but, Nick does not take "Customer complaints.

Low and behold....Mike came up with a "Guillermo" who is a Floor Manager, apparently above a Case Manager - yet, that option was not offered earlier.

Guillermo, again could not order for me, could not assist in obtaining the items wanted, yet, once again confirmed items and pricing on the web site......but, once again - it's a third party...to which my reply, "I truly do not care if it is a third Party??!! It is your WebSite (SEARS, EDDIE LAMPERT'S). Guillermo again shared he was the highest level a client can speak to. He share the Phone Number for AOSOM 877-644-9366. Shared that you can not call corporate with a complaint, you would have to write the "Blue Ribbon Executive Team".....(funny how this company can real you in on the internet, or the phone - take your money, yet, if you have a problem - YOU have to take time out of your day, sit down and write a letter of complaint to the "Blue Ribbon Executive Team" in Illinois, you can't even get the Des Moines, IA address of EDDIE LAMPERT??

Guillermo went on to say that it was not SEARS (funny that is the website I was on) but, a third party's issue...that SEARS is protected by their policy of "Errors in Pricing", found through several minutes and several re-directions within the website - but, as I explained to Guillermo, I would agree with 1 "error" in pricing, but this AOSOM group has "several" "Errors" posted on "SEARS'" website - meaning SEARS is RESPONSIBLE for it's content.

SEARS and EDDIE LAMPERT have fallen in the consumer's favor for many a years...and it appears their Reputation will continue to suffer when CUSTOMER SERVICE is not your #ONE priority.

Suggestion: Have EDDIE LAMPERT, The SEARS EXECUTIVE TEAM, THE "BLUE RIBBON EXECUTIVE TEAM and AOSOM need get off the High Seat, come down from the Ivory Tower and DEAL with the American Public - your consumers - your patrons - your paychecks!


Mike LaVelle



3333 Beverly RD

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

I want satisfaction, I want the items I attempted to order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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