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I purchased an item at Sears.

Here is the SALESCHECK # 023085416850.

The cashier offered me a $15 discount, if I applied for a Sears Card. I asked if there were any fees for the card, and she said no. So I signed up.

Later that night, I looked over my receipt and it says that there is an annual fee of $59.00! So I went back to the Sears cashier the next day to ask what happened. A different person was there, and they couldn't explain why, so they gave me a number to call 800-917-7700. I called this number and they directed me to Sears Solutions Master Card 800-567-1196.

I called them, and they told me to take it up with National Customer Relations 800-549-4505. They couldn't help, so they directed me to Sears Credit Card Department 888-620-2309. They said that I had to take it up with HSBC Bank, which is the same place as Sears Solutions Master Card. 800-567-1196. So, I was back in full circle.

The operator at HSBC was getting really annoyed with me, saying it was my fault for signing the little electronic box, that says I agreed to paying the $59 annual fee. However, the cashier did not indicate to me that I was signing a credit card fee approval. I thought I was signing for the purchase!

Anyhow, I requested cancellation of the card and filed a complaint over the phone, at HSBC.

I'm sending this message as a record of complaint, that if Sears customer service personnel makes credit card offers, that they MUST make it clear to the customer that the card is affiliated with a bank, and that there may be fees applied by the bank, through credit approval. Customers MUST also be made aware of when they sign the electronic box, that it is for credit approval, and not item purchase.

Hopefully, this will save a lot of future hassle for Sears, there customers, and the credit card companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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Sears Response

To Jerry from Minneapolis,

My name is Brian and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I am sorry to hear about these issues with the annual fee. I don’t know why it has been so difficult getting this matter resolved for you. We would like to get this taken care of on your behalf. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at searscares@searshc.com so you don’t have to continue to be frustrated. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, please provide the screen name (Jerry from Minneapolis) used to post here for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Brian J.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares


On 09/26/09 I was at my local Sears store located in Brookdale Mall in the city of Brooklyn Center, MN When I Was at the Checkout counter the Sears representative was processing my sale and inquired if I would like to apply for the sears MasterCard when I indicated I would like to decline she continued with the staged presentation to convince and pressure sell me on the MasterCard also by providing an incentive of $15.00 off my purchase.

At this time I was growing impatient and the line behind me began to grow with more customers wanting to pay for their goods. I asked repeatedly if the was an Annual fees, because I have cards with no annual fee and I do not ever apply to card with an annual fee. She assured me numerous times that there is no annual fee so I agreed to the card.

When I received both the card and statement it did indeed included a 59.00 annual fee. I called several times to your customer helpline to explain that I did not agree to any annual fee based on their representative’s assurance that no annual fee on the account. I instructed them to immediately close the account and I will pay for the goods I purchased but no more.

This was a clear case of deceptive bait and switch tactics and I demand that the 59.00 be removed since I closed the account immediately and your local Sears representative either is deceptive to obtain accounts are not properly trained on the accounts Sears has to offer either case is inexcusable to the consumer.


I know about those Sears Reps. When I was asked about signing up for their credit card, first thing out of my mouth was, "Is there an annual fee?" He said no, asked for ID then said sign here(that electronic box).

I asked what am I signing for... then I asked for that long orange paper w/ 10,000 this & that's. I said I'd come back before I left the mall.

Turns out, the one I applied for did NOT have an annual fee. I would not have taken it other wise.


Yes. I understand that whatever I sign, or initial, is my responsibility.

However, I don't believe that statement alone would hold up in court. Please provide more input.


On the credit disclosure there is a box for you to initial. You received Option X which is the $59 annual fee.

If you initialed it you are fully responsible. Read before you sign


The pressure for credit card applications at Sears is insane.And most of the time the employees do NOT even know the APR let alone any fees.

Onething they emphasize is get the customer to sign the disclosure form which you should've been allowed to view BEFORE you signed for the purchase.

When you buy and apply at the sametime many cashiers will give you that form as an after thought.

Since you cancelled with-in days hopefully they're will be no fee.

I'm not sure who has jurisdiction over credit cards and banks but since Sears was acting as an agent or employee for HSBC they should be accountable as well.

I think their are Congressional Committees investigating credit card problems.Even if done I would write one of the congressman on that committee with your complaint.