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We ordered a refrigerator on june 23rd, said it would be delivered on July 1st- no delivery wasn't at warehouse , then it was there, then they showed no order , am tired of the run around, wasting all the minutes on my phone and being stuck on hold for so long my battery runs dead. Now they said no delivery til July 8th this is a holiday weekend and no refrigerator!.

Our fridge was in the warehouse on Tuesday and they didn't deliver it or even try to get it to use the next day. What kind of business are you running? Cant get supervisors name because they are not allowed to give that information 2 the customers. Cant get a refund cause we paid in cash and they would have to mail a check that would take 8-10 business days .

so here we are no fridge and no money to get 1 else where. Words can't explain how upset I am.

For the that 3 days we have got nothing but lies and passing the buck from this person 2 that person wasting our time.2 Top it off they offered 200 gift certificate that seeing how we paid cash could not even receive that, they have 40% off appliances and wont give us that either. I want 40% off the price we paid for our refrigerator as that is what is advertising online after all we have gone through and our refrigerator wasn't even at the store until July 1 or 2, and should also be refunded the delivery fee as you have failed to deliver our fridge on the delivery date of July 1st.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #836342

Wow, thats a bad situation. Delivery problems do happen, but there are several things that you shouldnt be experiencing.

(I am assuming you walked into the store and did not order online. the website is a whole other can of worms)

First of all, It is not against policy to give out managers names. That is the salesperson covering their ***. Just call a different department and ask for the store manager.

Your best bet is to go back to the store so you dont have to waste minutes.

There are 2 different prompts that pop up on the register about dates. One is the date available at the warehouse. Further along in the process, it will let the salesperson choose a delivery date.

It is usually straightforward, and it's rare to have a problem with it.

As far as the refund goes, if you paid cash, and have your receipt, they should have no problem giving you a cash refund. I dont know about, it is technically a different company, but I know of no situation in my store where refunds are given as checks.

If you ordered at a store, the manager will be able to fix it.

If its through the website, good luck.

- salesperson for 9 months, now an MCA.

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