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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899.That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

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I recommend that you not buy in a DieHard battery from Sears in Atlanta Georgia Jonesboro they were not under the warranty we have brought out battery back 4 times now and we still not doing I want it on it


Sears customer service is the wo brse . Can't under stand why they out sour


Hear is a local phone number for you.Call Tom Hoyser 716-570-1391 he is a district manager in charge of home services.


I was looking for a refrigerator so I checked Sears and the extended warranty was twice anyone else.


Do not purchase from this company!I attempted 3 large purchases (a refrigerator twice and California King mattresses) and I have yet to receive a product!

On 3 separate occasions, the delivery department cancelled delivery on the same day I was expecting it to arrive! I totally understand why Sears is failing!

Customer service should always be priority.There is a real problem when you can’t give a business thousands of dollars!

If you don’t believe me, check the orders: 014901573753, 014902577137, 014902221118


Had a Sears appliance contract that I had for almost 2years.Have used them only once for my dryer without any problems.

Well I had a problem with my refrig which all of a sudden shut off after a power outage. Sears took about 3weeks or so to come out, By then my refrig had turned back on by itself and when the Sears person came out. He said everything was fine. Well a week later it happen again with a power outage and Sears could not come out for almost a month.

Can you believe that? What about all the food in my refrigerator? So they said they would send a outside company called Central Appliance to service my refrig sooner. Well it took them about a week.

They were supposed to be at my house between 12 and 4 p. They arrived late at 430p. Tried calling them to make sure they were coming and they never answered the phone. This person (won’t mention his name) was here for 5min, and I mean 5min.

So called diagnosed the problem, asked for the 75.00 service fee and said he would be back within a week. That was on Nov 2 ,2017. Haven’t seen him since. It’s now Dec 8,2017.He cashed my check.

Sears can’t even get in contact with them. Couldn’t even get Seats to come out to fix the refrig bec they r so busy. You pay all that money for a warranty and for what. Finally after more than a dozen phone calls and speaking to supervisors and case manager s who did nothing to help me , I had had enough and cancelled my contract with them .So a week...

Filed a complaint against Central Appliances with the BBB and they claim they don’t have a contract anymore with Cross country home services who this Sears warranty is under. What the *** is going on here?

Sounds like a scam.Will tell friends and family to stay away from sears warranty.Not happy at all, really pissed.

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Order # 856550440

I bought a hot tub online through the sears outlet store in Monticello, Ar on Sept.27.

I was told it would be here on Nov. 3. Then I was told by the trucking company that it was lost, really a hot tub lost. I finally arrived yesterday on Nov.

15, but with some damage to the tub. There was damage to the bottom of the tub that I could not get pictures of, but also there was damage to the side of the tub and to one of the panels. I paid someone from sears to help me move and set up the tub. The 18-wheeler got to my house with no way to unload the truck.

The driver and the person from sears just kind of slid it out of the truck. The man from sears was being helpful until he got a call from his boss and was told not to help me set up the tub, so he just left, and left me alone to deal with this really big item. What upsets me is I paid for this person to help, but no.

So I have received my hot tub 12 days late and with damage.It really has been a complete nightmare, every aspect of this ordeal.


I would like to change my credit card number form my Master Card to a Visa re loadable card in my profile.But am having a problem getting into my profile to change it.

After being given a series of phone numbers they resulted in no help what so ever. I have work in retail for 19 years and not in the top of the line stores like Macy's and Bloomdale's but still we had treat the customer well and not just handing them off to the next department. No wonder Sears is closing stores.

Unless they change and start helping the customer.


Janet Young


This number takes you to the incompetent folks in the Phillipines


Sears is awful!Out of all my black Friday on November 24th, Sears was the worst experience I had.

Not only on that black Friday, but in all my shopping history. I spent 20 minutes shopping, and then an hour waiting in line!!! They did not have enough cashiers, and the cashiers they did have had NO IDEA what they were doing. Every single simple transaction took 20 minutes.

It was a complete disaster and I will never shop there again.Waste of time.

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