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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899. That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

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Two and a half years ago I bought a washer and dryer and the protection agreement. I felt violated when I left the store because it cost me nearly $2,000.00.

Last week I took my towels out of the dryer and they smelled like oil. I washed and dried them again. They didn't smell when I took them out of the washer but the smell was back after taking them out of the dryer. I called Sears service.

I had to wait a week for someone to come out. This older guy comes in and notices that we had our wooden floors refinished and tells us that is why our dryer smells. After I disagree with him, he tells me it is carbon dioxide and then he leaves. I decided to go to the Sears store that I bought the washer and dryer and ask them wtf?

The service guy is still sitting in his van in front of my house. He asks me if I want to talk to him. I told him I was just taking a picture of him sitting in the van and not working on my clothes dryer. The sales person at Sears contacted service for me.

They will let me know in 72 hours when I can expect the part to arrive and then I can make an appt to have my dryer repaired. This should make it 3-4 weeks without a clothes dryer and lots of quarters used at the local laundromat which is "flilthy"!! After reading the posts below, I think I am just going to buy a new dryer and move on with my life.

Like everyone else, I will NEVER, EVER, buy another thing at Sears. It's sad because this used to be a good store.


Yes I bought a law mower the 4/17/18 charge it on my card the lawn mower has been in the shop at sears wynne ark 870 238 5900 three times an is still there now they are trying to say it is not there they or rude an mean I pay the bill off when it came in 5 23 18 either give a new law mower or my money back please help with these people in Wynne I am a 80 years old women


Waiting a month for my charge to be reversed. Called 8 times.

I ordered and cancelled within 24 hours as they said I would have to wait until it shipped from the manufacturer. Since it was a washing machine I could not wait. I went to a store and got one. So they still have my $ have numerous statements to w as it another 48 hours and they go as ranted it will be refunded.

When I call they say another 48 hours.

Apparently there is one person and one person only who can process these. Dont ever use sears hometown on line.


The great name that Sears Home Warranty Services once had back in the 1990's is no more. an overweight sloppy technician named Richard from A&E was sent to my home and was in the wash room 5 minutes before determining he couldn't fix the washing machine because he'd only recently been certified and was more comfortable fixing top loaders and not front loaders - loser! Get another job.


I absolutely agree 100%. I am dealing with a similar issue on a refrigerator repair (which is under warranty. Wait until you call their warranty support to see how incompetent these guys are.I have been calling multiple #'s for several days to get a update on my open ticket, they have been giving me the runaround.very frustrating !!!

to Anonymous #1519898

After 2 compressors, a mother board, 6 service calls, one appt. dropped and the expected 7th apt canceled, I am pretty fed up.

I'm sure they want us to just go buy another fridge! They have spent over $1,500.00 on repairs so far. But please don't replace this thing!!! Sooo I get to wait a week for appt.

to re-diagnose and a week and a half for the actual repair, If the part arrives! Sorry , I've just been on the phone with many Sears depts.!!!


My mother bought a new refrigerator online threw Sears. The delivery service that they used broke a small plastic part that helps keep up the clear drawer plate inside the fridge.

She has been calling Sears and the delivery service, no one seems to want to help her. They keep sending my mom back and forth. All she wants is for them to fix the damn plastic part. Here's a kicker, the delivery service sent out some guy, he took a look, and said they he couldn't fix it, he would have to send someone else out.

That was over a month ago. I'm gonna blast Sears and their shitty delivery service on social mediq, telling people to stay clear of this repugnant companies and their shitty workers!


Worst service ever for repair of my 3 month old Kenmore dishwasher which has only worked intermittently since I got it and now not at all. The number above got me the same group I have talked to numerous times.

Two different repairmen have come but couldn’t fix it. The first said it wasn’t under warranty and I would need to call and straighten that out and request another appointment. Tried that. Days later the second one came, couldn’t find the serial number in the system.

Days still have passed, multiple phone calls and nothing resolved yet. Still with a brand new broken Kenmore dishwasher.


Never buy a Sears extended warranty. We ALWAYS purchase with our Sears appliance or service.

Well our under warranty refrigerator is not working. Wonderful Sears can come no earlier than three weeks from my call.

It is SUMMER people I'm wasting so much food and MONEY. Sears treats loyal warranty customers HORRIBLE.

to Melanie Lake #1520387

Oh I see there's a club out there..Well count me in as a member..In this heatwave, we have been waiting 4 weeks already..The part came almost 2 weeks ago, but no repairmen available till July 31st...This is so wrong!

to Anonymous #1520744

My air conditioner went out June 12. Called warranty repair.

It was 3 weeks when a repairman came out July5. He ordered parts they were delivered yesterday day July 16. Had July 19 schueled to repair it. Changed it to 26 today about 2hr ago it was changed to Aug.

2. Can't talk to anyone except someone in Philippines.

No customer service in United States. Sears sucks.

to Janell #1521074

I just went through the same thing! AC went out and we called and they couldn’t come until the next Monday.

They said they only do work on them on Mondays. Since husband has breathing problems we called Apex Heating and cooling and they came out on Sunday for no extra! He said Sears OVERFILLED the Freon and thought it was fixed. Needless to say we lost the cost of a pound of Freon.

Next few days started doing the same thing. Blowing but NO COOL AIR! Apex came again and said coil was installed wrong and was not flushed with nitrogen as it should have been. He was here for another 6 hours fixing Sears Screwup.

$700 later we finally have AC again. Will be complaining but really need to talk to someone in English!


Don’t shop sears unless you want to crack up. I brought my vacuum hose into sears Main Street Hackensack,NJ.

Told to call for part.

Called Asked by 3. Different bots what my zip code was and if it was underwarranty only to be told to bring it to Sears Main St Hackensack, I’m in sears ***


Kenmore Elite Refrigerator less than one year old, under warranty and compressor went out! Called for service on Wednesday June twenty seventh repair date July second.

Service company A&E shows up confirms compressor needs to be replaced but doesn't have parts to fix it. Why come if you cant fix the appliance?! Will order part and next scheduled repair date is July sixteenth! Eddie Lampert would you go without a refrigerator and accept this type of poor service?

No wonder why the reports and articles state that you have run this company into the ground! Good bye Sears...this is the last purchase I will ever make from Sears!

to Donna H #1512983

Same here..ours Kenmore Elite has had to be repaired FOUR TIMES since we bought it just 2 years ago. Sears could try to redeem themselves globally with better customer services, but they just don't give a craop and has sealed their fate.

I will never buy so much as a pair of socks from Sears, ever again. I feel your pain.


What a bunch of *** Sears deserves to go out of business. Ordered a broadcaster, date to pick-up was changed 3 times.

Requested refund, store has no record of order, chat @ Sears says order was picked up. Pissed off Disabled Veteran.

to Anonymous #1512529

I'm having the same problem. I ordered a Fusball table last Christmas.

I wound up canceling the order in January and have been trying to get a credit since. They claim the order was picked up.

In reality what they are do is ringing out the order so they can resell the item. Then hope the original customer doesn't look for the refund.


Don't buy a damn thing from sears outlet a big joke.bought a bosh washing machine hasn't work since I got it been two months been begging them to pick it up because I work on the road and I'm leaving this Friday the 9th still no response from sears don't no what todo .i guess I'm out 1300 hundred dollars screw you sears never again one pissed off constumer


Number given goes directly into Manila !!!!! as do all other 1888 and 1800, I guess Sears is hiding from its customers as Manila is useless, they lie to you, say they will credit your credit card and then do nothing

to Rick Griffith #1518386

Me too

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