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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899. That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

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I hate to be the barer of bad news, but the phone number listed above goes to the Phillipines !

to Penni Luton #1565573

Ha. That's pretty funny.


I wish I would have seen the site before I purchased my fridge from Sears. 6 months old and the compressor went out and of course the part is back ordered for weeks.

I have called and called and no one can do anything to resolve the issue. Excuses after excuses. I completely understand why Sears will not be in business for long .

Horrible customer service , the worst I have ever encountered . Shop elsewhere


I also wish I seen this website before I purchased my Kenmore Elite fridge in Jan. 2015.

Paid several thousand dollars and purchased the $800 extended warranty. In May 2017 the fridge stop working and Sears took three months to repair it. The problem was the compressor and mother board. The compressor was on back order.

But Sears fixed it. It worked up until April 2018. However, as of today the fridge still as of today, Sept. 14, 2018 it's still broke, over 5 months without a working fridge.

So sorry I threw my old fridge away that was 20 years old but it was still working, everything but the ice maker. I have called Sears so many times. Had multiple appts. Sears does not want to replace it or consider it a lemon.

Initially, whenever the tech showed they find different things wrong and order the part. Each time they came they said something else was wrong and would not put the part on. Now, I have 5 different parts at my house and have had 4 appointments where the tech has not shown up to put the parts on including today. When you call to see if they are coming they lie and say yes up until closing time.

Then you call and say the day is over and ask why they didn't show. They give you an excuse. First time tech lied and said the tech wrote that I wasn't home. Second time tech said he couldn't find my home(prior techs had no problem finding my home) .

Third time they didn't tell me why. Today, they said the truck broke down. Each appointment takes 2-3 weeks when they don't show up. They never call you they just don't show up.

I have told friends and family never to purchase anything from Sears. It's a shame Sears get away with this. Not sure what has happen to work ethics in our country these days. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I have treated customers so poorly and wrongly.

Customers don't deserve this kind of treatment. I have to take time off from work and then they don't show up. I work hard for my money and now I've wasted it on this lemon Kenmore Elite fridge.

I've decided not to purchase expensive appliances or the warranties anymore. So if it goes out then I will purchase another reasonable price appliance because they just don't make things like they use to.


Adding to the mess that is going on with big companies in the U.S. for SEARS.

We signed up via phone for the extended SEARS warranty being told that it would cover all of our appliances fully. I was thrilled that it was presented by the technician and confirmed by a SEARS representative as a full coverage. 18 month later we had to place a repair request for the same ongoing issue that did not get resolved during the initial repair. This time the appliance was getting worse leaking into basement ceiling causing water damage.

SEARS did not cover the repair fully and only offered 1/4th of the coverage. We have paid them more than $1000 for the warranty but received nothing but bad attitude and no solution. This is a major SCAM. Please fellow citizen be aware of such scams and do not let SEARS take advantage of your hard earned money.

It is a shame how companies like SEARS conduct business and do not follow through with their offered responsibility. The people who work for SEARS in the assigned warranty department have no authority and will not be able to push the issue to solution. They are powerless and part of the issue that is destroying trust in the company. After asking to be connected with their legal department they said they could not do so.

After asking to be connected with anyone at SEARs who could assess the issue properly they could not do so. Evedently, this is a big issue and a form of scamming people. Please, be aware and do not buy the warranty as it does nothing. You are better off putting your money in an extra bank account so you can hire a professional for repair yourself and it will be much cheaper to do so.

I am a real person and I am absolutely disappointed by how companies like SEARS get away with scam. Do not fall for this.


Long story. I put 103 miles on my car, have spent about 5 hours of my time on the phone and nobody can tell me where to get warranty work done for my 30cc, 4 cycle weedwacker.

I will never buy another Craftsman product. Wish I would've checked this site first.

to Jean #1559974

I hear what you are saying. This is what is wrong with big companies.

They want to sell but not hold accountable for their doings. The disease of current big company policy. As you, I will never buy anything from SEARS again. This company operates on scams.

Let your fellow citizens know. We need to put a stop to this type of operation.



to GREG #1562967

Worst company ever!


Wow.... I wish I would have read this before ordering my new refrigerator from SEARS.

Ordered it two weeks ago and have been getting nothing but delay messages every single day. No one there has a clue and I have no refrigerator still :((


Never again, don't like to wish bad on anyone but man....been waiting for someone to show up and fix my Kenmore Elite fridge (crap) since July and they have been giving me the runaround an have pushed my service date to oct 2,2018. To make a long story short, I went to Best Buy and bought another fridge cause sears service can't come out anytime soon. Avoid Sears at all costs unless you want to waste your time talking to people who could care less f!

to Anonymous #1557335

I have the same problem bought a Kenmore find out it really and LG. What a Lemon, refrigerator stop cooling July 13, three service repairs and as of September 10, 2018 my part is on back order again. Beware of buying a warranty from Sears.


I will never order another thing from them again. They screwed up my window order and are now giving me a run around and not returning any of my calls.


Purchased tool chests for my husband and son. Paid a lot for this and it’s been a month now.

Getting the run around from customer service who’s from another country. I’ll never buy anything from Sears again.


.... Bought a Samsung front loading washing machine in 2010 ...It never worked as advertised...

in final rinse cycle it sounder like it was going to explode.... 2010 Samsung sent a technician to investigate... was told it was normal ..meanwhile 2018,, 8 years later (yes buy's fault for not calling before). Since 2010 Sears were calling every day 24/7 to enroll in the maintenance agreement..so final Jan.

2018 paid the $120 ..then called to fix the washer problem... then started the following:... A&E technician arrived told that the steel drum and tub were damaged.. needed these parts..after 3 weeks steel drum arrived ...

after three separate A&E visits could not fix it because the other parts were no available... then the Tub arrived..got a call from Sears Parts we would be charged for parts if we did not return them immediately... UPS arrived to pick up the parts ..then was told not to return the parts a Technician would be there to repair the washer in 7 days... took 3 days off work then they cancelled every time..

SEARS will not replace or repair..WHY?

4 months later .. It's Mike MacDonald comedy..


Nobody speaks English. Different people come back on the line and you have to start all over again.

My last call to them, took over an hour.

Completely unacceptable! Don't bother with this number.

to Pierce #1557336

I had the same problem

to Pierce #1562973

All I keep getting is, "Sorry, but we cannot help you." Service has screwed up so many times and all their script says to say is,"Sorry you're having this trouble, let's reschedule." I'm out of my mind crazy trying to get my 23 month old, $2500.00 refrigerator fixed. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SHOP AT SEARS.


Dont buy anything from sears.their customer service sucks and all you get is a complete run around.they dont want to know you after they get your money.stay away .check all of the reviews and complaints before you buy anything here.


I ordered for a refrigerator to be delivered today. And then when I called they had moved it till the 12 th.

They had no problem at taking my money out of my account but know hear that it will take 7 to 10 days to get my money back into my account. And when you talk to anyone they are from another country.

Can’t reach an American for anything. Will never buy from Sears again.

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