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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899. That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Bought a Kenmore refrigerator, the water dispenser assembly has stripped screws heads, unable to remove the screws and clean it resulting into terrible water quality and sore throats. They refuse to help whatsoever unless I pay $100 for a tech to come in and extract the screw... terrible!


This is just another out sourced company that can be of no help


Bought a Kenmore Elite double oven gas stove about 10 years ago. I have replaced the control board 4 times at a cost of 268 each.

The oven has actually turned on by itself. Called the above number and talked to 3 people obviously from another country before they connected me with someone I could actually understand. They want 89.00 to diagnose the problem. Only offered a 20% discount on parts and labor.

No recall available. If a stove turns on by itself randomly, you would think that would be enough of a danger to offer a recall. I mean, what does it take? If my house burned down would that be enough?

This was not a cheap oven..over a thousand bucks. In my parents day, a major appliance would last easily 25 to 30 years without issue.

Sears..what the *** happened? Pissed in Ohio!!!


I bought a dress for my little girl in my wedding and it scratched her up so bad. Really bad product!!


I sent a complaint letter to Sears when I tried to purchase a scratch-and-dent, side-by-side refrigerator, which was denied, unless I also signed up for a credit card, and put the refrigerator on it. I had cash money ready to pay for my purchase.

I don't believe they ever responded, which may have been because on the incendiary content of my letter.

I told them they were dinosaurs, in a time when they needed a plan to stay in business. They will be out of business soon, but the executives, that let the downfall happen, will still be very, very rich.

to Kevin F 2017 #1579896

Why would you be purchasing something from a business you feel is going out of business? With respect, that doesn't make a great deal of sense.


I will never shop at Sears again! They made a mistake on my mattress order - I ordered it in store.

I tried to call to tell them I got the wrong item and have consistently been given the "I'm sorry but we can't do anything" speech.

They are trying to make me pay a restocking fee and delivery fee to get the item I asked the sales clerk for! I am furious!

to Anonymous #1579897

With respect, I wouldn't try to post under the name Anonymous. It makes it seem like you have something to hide.

Frankly, I can't blame Sears. Everyone knows they're unfortunately on their way out of business.

As a result, anyone buying from them really takes their own chances. Sears really doesn't have anything to lose, do they?


Never buy an appliance from Sears. They have horrible customer service and deliver products like a brand new refrigerator that doesn’t work and they refuse to exchange!

Instead I keep waiting for them to fix it which I shouldn’t have to. 2 months now and I’m still waiting. Customer service tosses you around from # to # and they will put you on hold or hang up. They delivered the part damaged and they still refuse to help and I’m still without a refrigerator!!!

Nice job Sears! Horrible horrible service where the customer comes last!!!!

to Heidi K #1577987

Same..problem here pay $1700 cash for a refrigerator that is leaking water inside and by ice dispenser..twice Sears send technician and he said is condensation..lol..is like rain inside refrigerator I know what condensation is..

to Heidi K #1579898

With respect, everyone in America is bluntly aware of Sears' situation. I don't think anyone purchasing from them would remotely consider any form of service.


It took 30 days for Sears to replace the compressor in my two year-old LG made, Kenmore Elite 30 cu.ft. refrigerator.

During that time it was necessary to purchase another refrigerator. (Not from Sears) Then, after filing a food loss claim, that was adjusted, it took over 60 days to receive the reimbursement check. (Sears does not reimburse for food items considered condiments) Three days after depositing the check, I was informed by my bank that the check was no good. So in addition to the charge back for the amount of the check, I was charged an additional processing fee.

I called Sears MPA services about the check and the person I spoke to advised me that a stop payment had been placed on the check but she didn't know why. I was advised that another check would be issued but they would not reimburse me the bank fee. Telephone numbers I was given to speak to someone at an executive level were forwarded to either Puerto Rico or the Philippines. In order to effectively communicate with someone at these call centers you need to either speak Spanish, or Filipino or Tagalog but you would still be wasting your time.

The only thing it seems Sears is interested in is your money. Yeah, I'm pissed and I am looking for a Class Action lawsuit to join.

to Carl Wilson #1578052

Carl. I am dealing with the same issues.

I am going on 2 weeks without a refrigerator. Although, I have not submitted my reimbursment.

I will keep all that you mentioned I mind. Something has to be done.

to Jen #1579902

I hope you're doing something extremely fast. Sears is likely to officially declare chapter 7 any day. At that point you're just better off replacing said refrigerator.

to Carl Wilson #1579900

Good luck with that "class-action" business. Everyone in America knows the situation Sears is in and anyone is lucky to receive any form of service or reimbursement check from them.

There's not going to be any form of lawsuit because there isn't any funds to take from. Just hope your fridge lasts awhile longer and when it does go out, accept the fact it's no longer backed by anyone so you're better off replacing it.

to John #1582401

Dear "John": It is clear that even the anon posting , ascribed to verified users, despite the title and name that is used as a Pissed Consumer poster, you yourself are guilty of such an instance, where the logo of each of your posts are within that "Anonymous" icon while not listing your full name. If you are who you say you really are, then perhaps you can be forward, direct and truthful in recording your name legally to solidify and verify your legitimacy in each of your offerings here.

While your commentary is interesting, the focus here at Pissed Consumer is to obtain solutions, avenues and other assistance from consumers who are undergoing the horrors of what has finally come to an end. If you have commentary that can further assist other consumers in obtaining help and proper direction, please do so. We all have a responsibility, whether anon or not to be mature adults, conscientious, courteous and level headed. With all due respect to all who have taken the time and effort to honestly address and express issues and problems in direct regard to their issues, be respectful of the Code of Conduct to which each person here has engaged in forthrightly.

If you have direct evidence of your Sears experiences that can better assist other persons, please do so. Pissed Consumer trusts each poster to use that integrity, character and trust to deliver proper, adequate and cultivate change and development toward obtaining, regulating and conducting fair, legal and concise direction in getting solutions to said issues/problems. With that being said, chastisement is not the goal in response here; but perhaps invoke and discipline for yourself and for all of us to do what is correct, ethical and morally applicable toward every comment you render. “What was to be the value of the long looked forward to, Long hoped for calm, the autumnal serenity And the wisdom of age?

Had they deceived us Or deceived themselves, the quiet-voiced elders, Bequeathing us merely a receipt for deceit? "The serenity only a deliberate hebetude, The wisdom only the knowledge of dead secrets Useless in the darkness into which they peered Or from which they turned their eyes. "There is, it seems to us, At best, only a limited value In the knowledge derived from experience. The knowledge imposes a pattern, and falsifies, For the pattern is new in every moment And every moment is a new and shocking Valuation of all we have been.

We are only undeceived Of that which, deceiving, could no longer harm.” T.S. Elliot With Respect, Jaina Spotted Eagle ( Aeternum Vale)


I tried to get service for a barbeque grill purchased in May - numerous calls were made, finally after much pleading with them to give me a comparable assembled grill, i finally picked up an assembled one today. After all i went through to make this happen, I can truly say that Sears customer service is horrible!!! If this is how a valued customer is treated (waiting 4 mos) they might as well close their doors.


I just bought a Refridgerater a week ago and called to see if they would come and flip the door to the other side. Associate told me I could do it myself.

The delivery guys arent repairmen. When you pay almost $100.00 delivery charge tbey should set it up the way I needed.

to Anonymous #1579904

No. That's not part of their agreement.


I would never buy extended warranty from Sears! Washer broke July17, its Oct 3 still no washer!

Changed every part and still not working! I was told after 4 times they would replace it! Tech came 6 times but not considered a service call!

SO WHAT IS IT A LUNCH DATE? Don't buy from sears or their warranty!!!!!

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