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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899.That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

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Hear is a list of local management of Sears home service phone numbers.Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105.You can try them, they are located in the US not overseas. I would also contact your local news media and the bbb. Rochester NY




This company is ready to go bye bye like Toys r Us. Don't even want to discuss the issues we are having.....basically want to beat the *** out of your tech's, representatives and sales people. Sears get your *** together or close your doors!!!


This has been the worst purchase experience of my life!In the store was fine but shipping and service after was a nightmare!This was to be the easiest delivery as I only required my new refrigerator to be dropped off in my driveway and the old one taken away.

I would have even helped load the old one. THIS WAS A 10 MINUTE JOB JUST A DROP AND GO!!! This was not too hard guys!!!The harassing follow-up began right after my in store purchase. I received an e-mail and a text message every day for a week.

I received the automated call the night before and I agreed to a 2 hour time window for delivery on Sat 3/10/2018. I thought that would be the end of it but I was wrong. Since delivery was not to be until the afternoon 1:15 to 3:15 pm I was using the morning to get ready for the delivery. I had to redo the water line and rewire an outlet for our new refrigerator.I am normally very busy on Saturdays anyway so with the extra work I was doing I was stressed out.

However I was there for the whole day for my delivery! I then received a series of calls from an unknown “private” cell number. I don’t answer calls that I don’t know as a general rule anyway and certainly not random private cell calls that I am not expecting. YOU REALLY NEED TO HAVE THE DELIVERY PEOPLE USE SOMETHING OTHER THAN A PIVATE CELL NUMBER TO CONTACT PEOPLE IF THEY HAVE TO DO THAT.My delivery time window arrived and no one showed up I called and was told a time of 2:30 pm OK.

Then 2:30 came no one again showed up, I called again was told everything fine and on schedule. Then 3:15 pm came still no one came so I called again was told that truck was in Lincoln, Ne?? That is some 40 miles from me no way it was going to get to me by the new time I was now given of 4:30pm. I made a couple of more calls then finally I was told about 7:00 pm that evening that the truck had now broken down and delivery that I had been waiting a whole week for was not going to take place!!??

While I was on the phone being told this I was online looking up my order status and it said that it was delivered? Delivered where? Certainly not at my address as I was there and there was NO delivery!! NO WAY!

NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I cancelled my order with LEVI and I was promised a FULL Refund of ALL my money in the amount of $954.68. I don’t want to hear about any restocking fee as this was not my fault and it is not like we just changed our mind. I also do not want to hear about any non-refundable delivery fee as NO delivery took place, I will not pay for something I did not get!


I WILL NEVER SHOP SEARS AGAIN!Seriously this is just why Sears is losing money on stocks and is laying off people and closing stores.Sears will the go the way of the DODO with this kind of service!


I’m disputing the charge of $712 on my Sears MC for the second time as I was recharged the money.I’ve filed a claim # 5571724 with corporate, which they notified The manager, Julia, at the Sears Pleasanton, Ca.

On feb 21, 2018. I bought a dishwasher for my son, Oct 31, 2017, after 2 Tech came out it was determined to be the motor and we should return exchange it. We went to the Pleasanton Sears to exchange this dishwasher for a new one, same make model, as we weren’t able to use this one for Thanksgiving.

The manager said we had to pay for the new washer and after the old washer was returned we would get our money refunded but this never happened.The new dishwasher same make model was delivered dec 11, 2017 and the same delivery people picked up the new old dishwasher that didn’t workPlease help as this is stressing me outSears has always been a good place to shop


Well after a tough battle, sears refunded my money.I recently wrote on here about my dishwasher dilemma and after calling every customer service hotline and the corporate office it wasn't until I filled a complaint with the bbb that I got some action.

So my advice to all who have had nothing but headache, file with the bbb it might help you too.Good luck folks.


4 hours and 22 calls and I still have a kitchen full of uninstalled appliances.Oh yes, one is still missing.

I’m through with arguing with overseas callcenters who have no idea how to solve a problem.The old Sears is gone forever


Tried to buy a dishwasher from sears, was the worst experience of my life.Customer support is a joke and yes there customer solution center is in the Philippines.

I still don't have my refund or a dishwasher.

I see why sears is going out of business, I will no longer shop there and I will advise people I know not to shop there as well.hopefully ill have my refund before that.in closing I would like to say I HATE SEARS!*** OFF!.

to Anonymous #1445948

I am going through the same thing with a refrigerator I bought that was delivered and does not work.It has been *** trying to get them to come and pick it up.

They canceled my initial pick up and have it set again for this friday. I am scared they will not pick it up and that I will not get my money back.

I wish I would have read these reviews before buying my refrigerator.I can concur with this review and say that I HATE SEARS TOO!!!!!!!FULLY AGREE.***DO NOT BUY FROM THEM****


Here is a list of local management of Sears home service phone numbers.Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105.You can try them, they are located in the US not overseas.Rochester NY


Mom purchased a treadmill 2 years ago from sears I now own the treadmill.Never used.

Went to call warranty department to have treadmill serviced and 5 screws replaced and was told that is not covered in treadmill warranty. What!!

Had to pay 140 dollars to have screws put in and was jerked over through sears parents direct as well.Called sears solutions no help at all!!!!


We have a refrigerator from sears.Its 15 months old.

The repairmen have been out to fix it 12 times. The last two called stack and said it can't be fixed. We got a case# and we're told they would replace it. Then called back and told no.

This has happened 3 times now. I will never buy Sears again.

Going to BBB now and Calling Attorney General office.So hurt with this company.


Paid for a dishwasher warranty.When it broke down they made me go through several hoops before they would schedule.

Had to wait a week for appointment. Today they cancelled because their technician was sick. So not coming today! My question is, is there only one tech in Austin?

They would not give us an appointment for another week.The 800-479-5899 is definitely better than the other numbers.Terrible service!


We purchased a new stove and dishwasher. The stove was delivered and everything is fine, but the dishwasher needed plumbing issues so we hired a plumber for that and then the dishwasher was to be installed, the company came out and the guy right away said, that we needed wiring electrical for the dishwasher and a new value because the new value from the plumber was wrong. We did not pay for additional that would have been over 450.00 we did pay for a outtake pipe of which was 105.00so with the installation fee of 174.00 plus the 105,00 what a a rip be careful when you use these outside companies.


4 new appliances, still under warranty,8 service calls on range F3 code, 6 different repair men.Not one could figure out how to repair.

No repair, no replace, just *** on phone..

Bolingbrook I’ll store mgr cussed out my wife and hung.

Sears is a joke!!!

Don’t purchase a damn thing from them.They will shove it up your {{Redacted}}.

From the CEO to the janitor they are screwed up.

Went last night bought a new range, *** Sears!!!!!!


Sears is no longer a reputable place.I grew up on Craftsman equipment.

They had customer service and parts counter you could count on. Now the service is in the Philippines. And parts are online only (or should I say "wrong parts") . No answer at the local store after calling all day,even to speak to a manager.

The only person you ever talk to is recording or a foreigner who does not understand English.Sears is garbage and will no longer ever get a dime of my business


I have written to you before, but my situation just keeps getting worse.

I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator 2 years ago.Early January 2018 it broke.

I called Sears to schedule a repairman and they told me I had to wait until February to get someone out to look at it. So, what was I supposed to do for 3 weeks? I called an independent repairman and he came out and for 85.00 he told me the compressor was out. I called Sears back and insisted they get out sooner to replace the compressor and they would not work with me.

At this point I had been living out of coolers for a week.

After being transferred about 10 time within Sears call center, I had no choice but to buy another refrigerator. I bought a GE at Home Depot where I was treated very well but had to dish out another 2,000 for another refrigerator.

Sears calls back and says they can have someone come out on 1/30 to look at the refrigerator. Now you can’t believe what happened here. Well we thought a repair person was coming out to fix the compressor on the refrigerator, but we were surprised to find out you were sending a tech for a dryer.

So, a dryer and a frig are very different and I have a hard time understanding that mistake. So, you said you would send someone out that weekend, hooray he came! But he again diagnosed what I already knew that it was a compressor but guess what. There were no compressors in the state of Colorado for that refrigerator because all those refrigerators compressors are going out!

So, the nice repairman, not his fault, ordered a compressor to arrive directly to our house which it did. He was again schedule to come out on 2/20 to fix the refrigerator, but he could make it due to spending all day at another customer installing a compressor and was stuck in traffic at 6pm. He was supposed to come between 11-2. So again, we are awaiting a scheduled date for a repairman to come to our house and fix this thing.

Sears, how can you honestly say you are all about customer satisfaction. This has been 2 months now and I don’t have this thing fixed. How can you expect a customer to live w/o their refrigerator for that long, ohhh I get it, you want them to just buy another one? What if that customer cannot afford it?

This is horrendous, and I can’t understand how you are left feeling good about your company’s performance. This is not the Sears I grew up with. I want my money back, you can take this refrigerator, you need to make this right. I am also going to take this to BBB.

You cannot be allowed to treat customers like this. Make it right, give me my money back and take this away. If it gets fixed, you will pick up the cost of the service call which is over 300.00.

How dare you.This is not the repairman’s fault, this is Sears 100%

I look forward to Sears making this right.

Cara Spengler caraspengler@q.com 7202563410 ur message here


I have been trying to get my freezer repaired since OCTOBER 21,2017.I have protection agreement on it.

Sears has been out Three times to repair it but it hasn't been repaired. I have had to rent a freezer from a neighbor to keep my food frozen.

Could you tell me who to talk to to get some service.Thank you Harold Smith.


Sears is horrible - - I had ongoing issues with a $13,000 HVAC unit I had installed by this inefficient company.If it wasn't one thing it was another.

I missed so much work trying to work with them to remedy the issues. The local office had poor customer service skills, escalated the issues to the corporate office and to no surprise I received my sub-par customer service. If you have a warranty with them, do not waste your precious time or energy.

Cancel it and run for the hills of sweet "no Sears" sanity!You will be glad that you did.


Sears has one of the most incompetent customer service departments.You call them with a concern and they can’t relay the correct information.

As well, when call to get additional information they aren’t able to help with that either.

I had been a consumer that enjoyed purchasing from Sears.No longer.

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