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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899. That is an executive dept.

that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS SERVICE.

I wouldn't say never shop there, but make sure to call 800-479-5899 for anything you need. That dept. is called One Source.

I would not recommend buying an appliance on Sears.com cause good luck if you want to exchange it or return it.

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Received a gift for mothers dayTook the capris back to Sears , to exchange for a larger size WOULDN'T LET ME EXCHANGE THEM because I didn't have the bill didn't want money just larger caprisNo wonder they are closing


My refrigerator is not working more than one month I have a home warranty and they says if is anything wrong call we can fix it for u . One technician guy come my home three time one time he so the refrigerator and he order part and second time he come my home fix refrigerator and he says this is wrong part I order right part but thay send wrong part he order another part and part come my home he fix part and still my refrigerator not working and the screen messenge says Er rF means error in refrigerator.

And I have sera home warranty and I call technician coming my home he fix my refrigerator and still colling not working. This is not good service very bad I never go with sears again.


Here is a list of local management to contact, Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105, Barb 585-274-9904. If they can’t help you I would recommend calling the bbb and your local news media to do a story on sears. Frank, Rochester NY


I bought a mattress last week online through their terrible website. to make a long story short it's not going to show up for another week and a half, when I called I keep getting people in India who not only were bad reps but couldn't annunciate to save their lives nor could they understand what I was telling them.

the website says "HAVE IT BY MAY 30TH" if you look at it right now, also says free delivery. but they tell me repeatedly that they can't do it til the 4th and the availability and this and that. and when I tell them I wouldn't have ordered it if it was going to take two weeks even though I shelled out $70 for delivery, they just repeat themselves and hang up on me.

I have never dealt with such blatant disregard for the customer. will never buy from Sears again.

to Mike #1487371

We've just had the same thing happen over an A/C unit we bought and it showed up in a box all tore up and taped...the unit was damaged and we can't seem to get and answer from those swell folks in India.


I also am in the process of having a terrible experience with Sears. And I bought the home warranty plan.

Does anyone know anything about the 21 day replacement rule and who do you contact to force implementation of this rule.

I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about CS maybe we should all get together and file a class action suit against them for their lack of customer service and response time. And yes it is very frustrating to experience out sourcing of customer service request from a national landmark company Sears.


This was a record! I spent 6 1/2 hrs on the phone TRYING to get a part for a Craftsman Garage Door opener.

I was dropped twice by Sears , each time you have to start from the beginning. I finally gave up ...they wore me down; however, I advise anyone that Sears has gone way down hill....they are not even close to what they used to be.If you don’t by a protection plan they won’t listen to you, even though the product is under warranty.


Sears is the worst company!! placed an order for appliances but canceled within 2 hours because they couldn't deliver for 2 months.

Has been over 2 weeks and they still have not returned my money.

Time to call the BBB. If they can't make money I guess they can steal it!


Total BS for reaching an American citizen who can help you with anything.You only reach a third-world non-native English speaker at this number. (Phoned the number on 5-23-18.)No wonder Sears went bankrupt.


I purchased a craftsman pressure washer not long ago for $350 bucks all said and done. I used it one time.

The second time I went to use it, it wouldn't work. The housing on the pump had developed a crack on the pump assembly and would not build any pressure. Now the Sears store in my neighborhood has gone out of business (shocker) and the nearest Sears store is a 35 mile drive one way. So after getting on line with the part department and researching what I need to replace in order to fix my machine, it turns out, I can't just buy the individual parts at a reasonable cost, I have to replace the entire pump assembly, which is $150 bucks plus $35 for shipping if I want it to come in the mail remotely soon.I will never buy anything from Sears again.

Their customer service sucks. Their craftsman line of products has gone downhill. Their original warranties that come with the purchase of the item are worthless, and no longer offer a hassle free exchange and replace the item with a new one if it couldn't be easily fixed. Sears used to back their products up, and if something broke, they would replace it.

Well that's long gone. Instead the only thing you get from them is some customer service nerd, who can barely speak English, let alone have any knowledge of any of their products, not to mention, he is located on the other side of the globe. Nothing is more frustrating, and after being on hold as I got transferred to the next department that was supposed to have any pertinent information, or even knew what a pressure washer was, I spent 45 mins on the phone, and was not one step closer to fixing, replacing, or making me feel like less of a sucker for buying the goddam thing iin the first place.So thank you Sears for ripping me off. Since you wont refund my money, or offer to fix it on your dime, I might choose to return the washer, and make the 70 mile round trip to the next closest Sears, which is probably about to close its doors soon too, and return my pressure washer personally.

Something tells me if I were to do this, you will definelty make and keep a record of that transaction. Thanks.


Don't order from Searspartsdirect.com because they will lie to you in regards to having the part "in stock" and then lie about the delivery date. I ordered a part that was in stock and available with a quick delivery date.

That date came and went with no part being delivered. When I called, a non-English customer service person said the part was being made and it was going to take an additional 18 days before it would be delivered. I asked to explain why the computer site said it was in stock when it really wasn't. I guarantee it didn't take sears but 24 hours to take money for the part that will now not be delivered for a total of 21 days from day of ordering.

Then when I tried to call someone with authority to try and fix this problem, all I got was the twenty minute wait on hold and another false explanation. I was told "in stock" means once you pay for the part, the part is then ordered to the manufacture and after they make the part, it is then sent to sears for delivery to the customer.

Okay, I don't know where they got that definition but wow, that is not what I remember "in stock" means? Oh well, no one wants to listen at Sears because they think it is funny to lie to the customer, which by the way, I will not be one anymore.


These people were just like any of the rest, talked out the side of their mouths. This lady told us that we have to make an appointment to get our product repaired after we waited all day for their tech to show up for the appointment that we already had, but he didn't show nor did anyone call us, I had to call them.

We have been fighting this problem for nine months now and they keep giving us the run around.

I will never buy from Sears again! They don't back their products.


I spent 7 hours today being ignored by a Technician that never showed up, never contacted me to let me know he was late or not coming. I talked to the “useless” customer service prople that pushed me off every 30, 60.

I am repeatedly told that he would be coming, and of course NO SHOW. Nobody would provide me the Techncian or the Supervisors name when asked. When they called the technician “he is not responding to their calls”-how convenient is that.

After this fiasco I called the Corporate Office and left a message for the Customer Service Supvr, not holding my breath that I will hear back from him either. Maybe they should fire A&E Service cause it’s a broken process for the customer support.




LG refrigerator broke last November, repair visit kept getting cancelled by Sears with no notice, until February when they made the first "repair". Its been over 4 failed repairs now, but Sears is saying that the no lemon guarantee requires a technician to come out again, and he will have to follow Sears instruction to do another "repair", so the no lemon guarantee IS A BALD FACED LIE!!!

Still no refrigerator, and the "emergency repair visits" are a minimum of 1 month after the last failed repair. Pretty sure at this point that this is a delay tactic to make me give up and go away.

to Liana #1485162

Do not purchase appliances from Sears automatically they will give you excuse and empty promises. Customer service and Repair is a joke when calling for complaint issues.


We have been getting the run around for 39 days. They can’t get the part to repair our Samsung front load washer under the extended warranty and are refusing to replace it!!


Here is a list of local management to contact, Tom 716-570-1391, Mike 518-331-2341, Lisa 585-455-1711, Darlyene 585-424-0912, Mark 716-536-0159, Bob 716-866-8105, Barb 585-274-9904. If they can’t help you I would recommend calling the bbb and your local news media to do a story on sears. Rochester NY


I have had the worst experience with Sears service. My $3500 Kenmore Elite refrigerator bought in June 2015 has stopped working twice in less than six months.

The Service department could not provide an emergency appointment, after a lot of pleading and begging, I got an appointment 5 days after it stopped working the second time. They ordered the parts 10 days late, and the local Parts and Services store, lost one of them (a mother board).

So finally I get the parts one month after the original technician's visit. And they will not reschedule the repair visit until MAY 24!!!!Will not be buying anything from Sears again.

to Margarita R Hernandez #1483006

I too recently bought a sears kenmore elite refrigerator for $3500 back in September of 2016 and it has been broke for 3 months now, waiting on parts to come in (motherboard and ice maker fans). The put the parts in and the condenser fan error code came up and now I have to wait another month for that fan.

Sears is running a scam selling their refrigerators with LG and Samsung parts. And now I how the condenser fan was installed at the factory they put the condenser lines behind the fan, making it impossible to replace the fan without breaking the condenser lines.

I hate this refrigerator!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never buy another product from sears again.

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